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gpolosomeone can help me with this wxpython problem ? http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.comp.python.wxpython/45503/focus=45505
Glenn_NZwhere' s the label?
gpoloI create it in the worker thread
Glenn_NZoh label_1
gpoloself.pages.append(wx.StaticText(self, -1, "something"))
Glenn_NZOK, I;ve got the window up. What is it supposed to do? Display a label ??? It appears as a tabbed control
Do you know why the labels are centered in this example? I thought anchoring them Tkinter.W would left-justify them
HattyI cant get python to bind to a socket. im binding to (socket.gethostname(), 9999) but it returns None.. why?
Glenn_NZgpolo: I am wondering about whether this works as static, not dynamic??
Hattyif it helps im calling it from a thread
SunDragonregarding bind, Note: This method has historically accepted a pair of parameters for AF_INET addresses instead of only a tuple. This was never intentional and is no longer available in Python 2.0 and later.
gpoloit works glenn_nz
ironfroggyHatty: so you are doing `s = socket.socket(); s.bind(...)` and dont know why the call to bind returns None?
Hattyironfroggy: yeah
ironfroggyHatty: why do you expect anything else?
gpoloit works dinamically without using delayedresult too
ironfroggyHatty: it is not intended to return anything.
gpoloIt is what Im doing here, since this is not working now
Glenn_NZgpolo: It seems as though Inside loop is executing before the controls exist
gpolowhat inside loop ?
ironfroggyHatty: you call it on the socket object, 's' in the example i showed, and then 's' is your open socket.
SunDragonif i pack two tkinter labels in a vertical frame, how to i left justify them within that frame?
ironfroggyHatty: why did you expect anything to be returned? what would you expect the result to be?
Glenn_NZHmm, my mistake.
gpolo: You are adding the wxStaticText to a Pages list
Hattyironfroggy: one sec
SunDragonironfroggy: an exception because the address doesn't exist on the system?
Hattyironfroggy: ah k i totally screwed up
gpoloGlenn_NZ and ?
Hattyironfroggy: thanks
ironfroggyits my birthday in 40 minutes.
SunDragonhappy birthday ironfroggy
i heard hundreds of frogs in unison on my walk tonight, they think it is spring
Hattyironfroggy: Happy birthday
ironfroggyi assume you'll all be donating to my paypal account or sending me amazon.com credits

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