#python - Sat 10 Mar 2007 between 00:01 and 00:12

nzkHow do I make it such that the printed output is in quotes
like print "asdf is "qwerty""?
so it shows up as asdf is "qwerty"
theCore'"' output + '"'
'"' + output + '"'
glen_quagmireivan`: i see. another reason not to use from x import y.
what if I have 2 modules path1/module and path2/module ?
and both path1 and path2 is in sys.path ??
do I have to make unique module names?
Tenjou_Utenaimport Blah as BLash2
ivan`why sys.path modifications instead of __init__.py in the directories?
then you can import with path2.module
nzktheCore, I did what you said and it errors at the thing
glen_quagmireoh didn't know that!! awesome!
Tenjou_UtenaTHis line: print "The encoded output is " '"' + %s + '"' % encoded
steveireHey. Is it possible to have a scrolling canvas in Tkinter? I want to put about 20 Entry widgets in a space, and be able to scroll through them.
Tenjou_UtenaCan be: print "The encoded output is " '"' + encoded + '"'
Can be: print "The encoded output is " + '"' + encoded + '"'
theCorenzk: oh, %s needs to be inside a string
nzk: so, "The encoded output is \"%s\"" % encoded
or, 'The encoded output is "%s"' % encoded
Tenjou_UtenaOr just... 'THe encoded output is "%s"' % encoded
nzkWhat the hell is up with the freenode servers?
Tenjou_Utena, you never cease to be clever, it works fine
and with only 4 extra bytes
theCorenzk: or with even less character: print 'The encoded output is "' + encoded + '"' :)
nzkMyabe if I was going for ultra optimization
Doing a large 3d project taught me alot about workflow
theCoreagain, use the one which is the most readable
nzk40% rendering
59% thinking and fixing stuff
1% making new stuff
glen_quagmirewhat's the purpose of __init__.py?? i have ./test/module.py and ./test/__init__.py is absent. but still i can do import test.module
theCorenzk: eh, I always thought that debugging was 80% of the work
nzkI meant general workflow
In my case a 3d animation
steveireCan I put tkinter widgets inside a Canvas widget?

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