#python - Sun 25 Feb 2007 between 01:03 and 01:11

thedcmthey said I was a spy or something
Flashwhat does Scratch do?
b4haha I hope ##c++ doesn't do the same then...
ironfroggyscrew em all, you only need python
piedoggiethat raises the question how did they see you here?
ironfroggythedcm: now you see why we have Scratch, no?
thedcmoh scratch just yells at you when you say lol
I forgot about that
piedoggie: /whois
ironfroggypiedoggie: /whois maybe?
piedoggiebut more importantly, why?
Flashdoes Scratch yell at you in PM?
thedcmno he uses a notice
actionFlash has to try it now....
Flashhas to try it now....
Treeformhi is any one interested in an 2 hour irc game compo right now? join #ircgame
FreakCERShrm, when I use findall on this re, it seems to just stall - I do hand it a fairly big string containing \n's but... reISBN10 = re.compile(".*\D*(\d{10}|\d{9}X)\D*.*")
thedcmsecretly he tracks your lols and if you do it three times you get a 24 hour ban
Flashhuh. NOTICE is lost in the console tab on MacIrssi
ironfroggydont poke the bot
come back when you retract your poking fingers
Leedsironfroggy: morning darling...
ironfroggyLeeds: i hope that was just some cross-cultural misinterpretation
LeedsI love you big time!
sorry :-)
ironfroggyHK is seeping into your cranium, man!
thedcm: i highly doubt they kicked you out for that. they dont say good things about you tho.
FreakCERSis there a reason re.compile(".*\D*(\d{10}|\d{9}X)\D*.*") is EXTREMELY slower than re.compile(".*[ ,.;:\n\t]*(\d{10}|\d{9}X)[ ,.;:\n\t]*.*") ?
that is, when used - not at compile
thedcmwhat are they saying about me
ironfroggythedcm: well that was said in private conversation and i just wouldnt feel right to devulge that information so freely
thedcmlol just do it

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