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Touqenor you decide to go into a research position
triplah_wincluding learning things like lisp
just because lisp is useless doesnt mean its a bad idea to learn it :0
Touqenuni for a US CS curriculum anyway
Touqenlisp isn't useless, it's just people don't want to learn it.
most of the concepts that many languages "feature" these days have been around in lisp for decades.
sgtmattbakerok so if I am wanting to learn for fun but start with the most useful languages.. where to start and what language to end with?
useful as in learning programming not as in the most popular language
ironfroggysgtmattbaker: like i said, start with python and then learn other langauges as your nees take you to them
Touqenlearning programming? lisp or some lisp dialect
Touqenpython since it is kinda lispy
or even ruby/haskell
ironfroggyalways keep exploration in mind and expand yourself to new things
dignansgtmattbaker: don't make a list of languages to learn but focus more on writing good programs and coming up with good ideas for programs.. python will let you do most of everything you can think of
sgtmattbakerI think I will do python, lisp, then java
TouqenI mean, learn one language really well and you should be pretty set.
CJLucasTraceback (most recent call last):
File "eztv_ircbot.py", line 193, in <module>
if h[:1] == '-':
TypeError: 'long' object is unsubscriptable
dignanwhen i first started programming, I made the mistake of trying to "sample" all sorts of languages
TouqenEverything I used in college I learned from playing around in C++
CJLucasanyone know whats up with that traceback error?
dignanwhat really matters, is what can you do with your code, rather than, what kind of language can you code in
once you get a grip, youll pick anything up fast
ironfroggyCJLucas: h is a number
sgtmattbakerok I guess I will jump into python and really learn it good
CJLucasironfroggy: h is a number?
ironfroggyCJLucas: your variable, h, is a number, yes. i suspect you thought it was a string?
triplah_wsgtmattbaker: once you are comfortable with principles everything will be easy.
except lisp and haskell
which you should look at when you are comfortable with python
moosesgtmattbaker: Go jmp into assembly :P
CJLucasironfroggy: can you explain that because i dont understand how h is a number
Fyronis there a simple keyword or function i can use to see if a given string is contained in a list of strings?
triplah_wjal assembly #python

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