#perl - Tue 8 May 2007 between 12:32 and 12:56

godzirrasirhc: awesome! Thanks so much ;)
that was it.
whoppixPerlJam, ah, its perlvar, i was searching in perlretut, thx for the hint :)
Terminus, hm, how does that work?
PerlJamwhoppix: There are 3 special variables that are exactly what you want.
Terminus-eval: $s = "foo bar baz"; @r = $s =~ m/(foo)(bar)(baz)/; $s;
buubotTerminus-: foo bar baz
Terminus-eval: $s = "foo bar baz"; @r = $s =~ m/(foo)(bar)(baz)/; $r;
eval: $s = "foo bar baz"; @r = $s =~ m/(foo)(bar)(baz)/; @r;
buubotTerminus-: 0
Terminus-i think i'm being stupid.
PerlJamwhoppix: note however, that their use will impact the performance of every RE in your program. (It's relatively minor, but you should be aware)
Terminus-: your approach is also valid if your implementation flawed :)
Terminus-eval: $s = "foo bar baz"; @r = $s =~ m/(foo)(bar)(baz)/; $r[0];
whoppixPerlJam, hm, by means, if i dont use them the perl interpreter dont has to generate them?
adeltacAnyone know - is it possible to pass a subroutine reference from perl in to an XS C function, and then for the C function to call the sub ref?
PerlJamadeltac: I'm fairly sure it's possible though I don't know how to do it.
Terminus-PerlJam: yeah. i haven't touched perl in weeks! >_<
Yaakoveval: $_ = "foo bar baz"; @r = m/(foo) (bar) (baz)/; \@r
buubotYaakov: ['foo','bar','baz']
PerlJamwhoppix: something like that.
adeltacPerlJam: ya, I'm pretty sure as well. hoping I can find a sample or tutorial or something.
Terminus-Yaakov: hehe. forgot about the spaces. =)
whoppixwell, much thanks to both of you, i think performance doesn't matter that much in this case.
YaakovIt does cause the whole thing to work differently.
PerlJamwhoppix: That's often the case :)
whoppixPerlJam, just a chat client which parses a simple markup language, so no worries about performance :)
YaakovPerformance is overrated.
perlygatekeeperanyone watch the office?
dunstabulosis there a win32 Crypt::SSLeay available?
What perl distribution are you using?
wogglePlease read http://aspn.activestate.com/ASPN/Downloads/ActivePerl/PPM/Repository , then. (Especially the second section.)
dunstabuloswoggle: thanks
integral.noonretfa doog

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