#perl - Sun 20 May 2007 between 00:00 and 00:17

mst... and on the seventh day, god nipped out back for a smoke
NOTevilthat was before zeros and ones, everything was just 0000000000... back then.
mstyou had -rows- of zeros?
we had to push 'em up the hill one by one!
NOTevilyou had a hill? :P
mstNOTevil: quotefiled.
simcop2387-tveliza, i need therapy
elizasimcop2387-tv: see a doctor in that case!
simcop2387-tveliza, but aren't you supposed to be a therapist AI?
elizaam i?
pkrumins(can anyone reply to this test message. i am getting various socket errors, not sure it everything is working)
actionsimcop2387-tv is really bored
simcop2387-tvis really bored
NOTevilGumbyBRAIN: give simcop2387-tv some therapy.
GumbyBRAINdo you know some z on the floor laughing my ass off or if its zero than im set :) i know how to best use.
simcop2387-tveliza, so you haven't heard of the old ELIZA bot that was a therapist, let me google
thrigsimcop2387-tv: why do you think eliza is a therapist AI?
simcop2387-tvthrig, it was a joke?
simcop2387-tvthere we are
the wikipedia article is good too
mstsimcop2387-tv: yes, thrig was aping the way eliza talks
elizaoh thats why some dude messages me with weird stuff
mstsimcop2387-tv: it would have been funny had you not forced me to explain it :(
simcop2387-tvmst, yea it was a little too subtle
NOTevilthe days before the high-tech GumbyBRAIN ...
simcop2387-tveliza, haha, i'm surprised no one brought it up before
thrigmaybe they don't date the same therapists
elizaso all you guys can stop talking to me in private. i am no medic bot! :D
Monieeval: 200-4
buubotMonie: 196
NOTevilGumbyBRAIN: cows with guns.
GumbyBRAINwhat does guns have to basically pay two months in argentina. And just came up with.
mstsimcop2387-tv: more archeology at http://www.irchelp.org/irchelp/ircd/ircopguide.html
part VII has the old conf format
LisaLaptop, HEY!
LisaLaptop, how was the flight
LisaLaptophey simcop2387

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