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Flenserjagerman: thanks, hadn't thought of that
actionCPAN upload: Egg-Plugin-Net-Scan-2.00 by LUSHE
CPANupload: Egg-Plugin-Net-Scan-2.00 by LUSHE
jagermanFlenser: And you can do your population and testing all at once (if that can work for you) if you use: if (!$hash{key}++) { ... }
err, without the ! to test for dupes
anabainPerlJam, but the problem is that if txt lines are imported by perl on the basis of \n, how could it be possible, for example, to join two txt lines into a whole perl string?
PerlJamanabain: $two_lines = $line1 . $line2; # for example
f00li5hsprintf is the answer!
anabainPerlJam, and then, m and s modifiers could be applied meaningfully to $two_lines, ok?
PerlJamanabain: Hmm. when you say "modifier", you're talking about something different than s/// and m//
actionCPAN upload: POE-Component-Server-SimpleSMTP-1.04 by BINGOS
CPANupload: POE-Component-Server-SimpleSMTP-1.04 by BINGOS
actionCPAN upload: GoferTransport-http-1.00 by TIMB
CPANupload: GoferTransport-http-1.00 by TIMB
anabainPerlJam, I meant //m and //s modifiers
PerlJamanabain: perldoc perlretut; perldoc perlre # go forth and read :-)
anabain: /s just makes . match any character (rather than any except newlines)
anabainok, thanks
PerlJamanabain: /m makes ^ and $ match at the beginning/ending of logical lines within a string rather than just the beginning/ending of the string.
DeeTahPanLtahi've got a dump question but honestly i've looked everywhere and couldn't find it-where can i download libperl++?
odrmDeeTahPanLtah: try: http://www.perl.org/tpc/1998/User_Applications/When%20the%20STL%20Isn't%20Enough/s_j.html
DeeTahPanLtah: which points to http://www.perl.com/CPAN/authors/id/KENFOX/
DeeTahPanLtahodrm: another dumb question,which file is it? ;p
cause i already checked the perl-c++-api and it doesn't even compile
cfeddeDeeTahPanLtah: perldoc perlxs
qschi, i'm looking for some help with a cgi script i'm writing
i want to be able to pull some xml data off a remote server, extract some data and process it
2 problems:
1. my host doesn't have the XML modules installed
2. I don't know how to access a file on a remote server
can anyone help please?
cfeddeerldoc -q "How do I keep my own module"
the second question has more to do with how the remote is stored.
qscit's generated by a script and is accessible over http
cfeddethat is to say. How it is made accessable.
ok then you want LWP to fetch it.
qscthink so, just checking a few things
R1ckqsc: you can download the XML modules yourself to the server
cfeddeR1ck: that's exactly the question that is answered by perldoc -q "How do I keep my own module"
R1ckoh :)
qscthat document starts at the generating makefiles stage - what do I do before that?

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