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DJTreyi already have dyndns(copeland.homelinux.com) pointing to my p4 server at home. i just received a poweredge 4600 and in the process of installing fc6 on it. I have a domain registered with godaddy and want the new 4600 to be the server for that domain. i only have 1 static ip address. is this possible? will I have to setup dns with bind?
Woostanot possible to point the one IP at two end points.
thanks Khisanth
DNS is just a way to look up an IP address ..
DJTreyso what would be the easiest way to complete this task
WoostaDJTrey: get a second IP address
DJTreyor either cut out the dyndns service?
WoostaWell ..
no, that doesn't matter
jpeghave both sites run on the 4600. that's probably easiest.
WoostaBut it will just point to the same IP ddress
Yup, agree
http can do domain name mapping (via http/1.1
jpegif you have to have two servers in the internal lan, have one rev proxy the other.
Woostabut nothing else does
jpegso the router points to one internally, the first server decides who the request is for, and reverse proxies requests to the homelinux.com p4.
sounds confusing
hobbsbut again, only for HTTP or other protocols smart enough to include a hostname in the request rather than just an address :)
jpegit isn't. http://www.apachetutor.org/admin/reverseproxies
hobbs(and for which reverse proxies have been written)
jpegon a personal note, I strongly caution against collecting computers. that path leads to ruin.
jmdSvNOK (x) doesn't seem to work.
It returns true when x contains the value "xyz"
So does SvNOKp
and SvIOK never returns true even when it should.
the private versions (mis)behave similarly.
actionCPAN upload: IO-All-0.38 (++++ ) by INGY
CPANupload: IO-All-0.38 (++++ ) by INGY
jpegI thought ingy died last year.
I guess ingy is not the perl/Tk guy.
Khisanthnot at all
lizcthat's nick ing-simmons
jmdWhy am I getting an error: Argument "xx" isn't numeric in subroutine entry ...
I know it isn't numeric
it shouldn't be.
buuStop treating it as a number
tanqare you doing some comparison?

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