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JuggaloAntlast i checked it was just $y
for$x(2..97){$y=0;for(2..$x){($_!=$x&&!($x%$_))&&($y=1)}$y||print"$x is prime.\n"}
82 bytes
revdiablofor$x(2..97){$y=0;$_!=$x&&!($x%$_)&&($y=1) for 2..$x;$y||print"$x is prime.\n";}
ofer: Nice, GMTA
oferrevdiablo, :)
revdiabloMine's 80
pkunduhi ca anybody guide me where can I find perl scripts for controlling system. I am not talking of CGI scripts. Thanks
JuggaloAntrevdiablo: wont that always be 1?
err. nevermind.
the after for always messes me up
cfeddepkundu: what kind of control?
ofer78 bytes!
pkunduany system control or non cgi scripts. Particularly Networking scripts
oferfor$x(2..97){$y=0;$_!=$x&&!($x%$_)&&($y=1)for 2..$x;$y||print"$x is prime.\n"}
jqlconventional prime number validation is so passe
revdiablofor$x(2..97){$y=0;$y|=($_!=$x&&!($x%$_)) for 2..$x;$y||print"$x is prime.\n"}
hmm-homeok what is the difference between open(FH, 'myfile') and open(my $fh, 'myfile'); ?
revdiablo77 =)
oferhmm-home, FH is global
hmm-homeand $fh is not
JuggaloAntrevdiablo: whats |= ?
oferJuggaloAnt, perldoc perlop
hmm-homethen that doesn't make sense as to why this isn't working
oferhmm-home, show code.
revdiabloJuggaloAnt: or-assignment
jqldoesn't anyone cheat at golf anymore?
actionjql sighs
revdiabloThe whole point is to cheat
I don't see your entry ;)
jql(1 x$_)!~/^1?$|^(11+?)\1+$/&&print"$_ is prime.\n"for 2..97
actionjql stoled it
jqlstoled it
Perlmonglerin activeperl, how do you open a device, where are window devices listed?
pasteling"hmm-home" at pasted "#This works open(TTY, "+</dev/" (9 lines, 214B) at http://sial.org/pbot/24412

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