#perl - Fri 20 Apr 2007 between 00:00 and 00:47

jagermanGumbyBRAIN: Yo this package is big, but my package is bigger.
GumbyBRAINThis is in the package.
actionCPAN upload: Perl6-Perldoc-v0.0.4 by DCONWAY
CPANupload: Perl6-Perldoc-v0.0.4 by DCONWAY
infiGumbyBRAIN: mice is nice but incest is best
GumbyBRAINAlso nice is a reference to the best nick.
huhligwhat would cause gd.pm to spit out a solid color screen after calling polygon()
infidoes your polygon have 4 sides and is set to 1280x1024?
huhligset to 1280 by 1024? no
it has six points
oferwhat does "10/9c" mean ?
it's somehow related to TV episodes
Jmax-10 eastern, 9 central
oferlike 10AM ?
Jmax-there's probably a wikipedia article on it
dunno, is it a prime time show?
probably pm
oferyeah, prime time. thanks tehn
huhliginfi http://pastebin.ca/449191
buubotThe paste 449191 has been copied to http://erxz.com/pb/2299
Jmax-you're welcome :)
oferhuhlig, #!C:\perl\bin\perl.exe -w
this is useless
windows doesn't use shebang lines at all
huhligofer why is that
oferkeep it /usr/bin/erpl
huhligapache does
why are you running Perl as CGI ?
huhligbecause I am writting a GI program
Jmax-use #!perl
its changed
now why does it create a solid black image
Khisanthhuhlig: because you have the background set to black and you are drawing with black :)
If I change one line to white
it fails

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