#perl - Wed 11 Apr 2007 between 00:38 and 01:34

sililet's play slap and tickle
actionKhisanth stabs and sickles sili
Khisanthstabs and sickles sili
Khisanthsili: you need to lay off the lisp
CarletonI got it working ... thanks guys
jimwhat was the pro...
theGZAwho here uses Bluefish?
rmahI've eaten bluefish
simcop2387rmah: nice
he left in less than 60 seconds
actionCPAN upload: File-Tail-App-v0.0.3 by DMUEY
CPANupload: File-Tail-App-v0.0.3 by DMUEY
rmahsimcop2387: thank you, I'll be here all week
simcop2387GumbyBRAIN: go on take the money and run
GumbyBRAINAnd is not at all, file::find isn't really a simplification. He thoughts its operations depends on money.
f00li5hGumbyBRAIN: damn, a module that requires paypal donatioins to operate?
GumbyBRAINThat requires *copying* which you're avoiding in the module.
jimGumbyBRAIN: who wrote Scatterbrain? was it: Jan Hammer? Jeff Beck? Simon Phillips?
GumbyBRAINIt was written by kent beck.
f00li5hso GumbyBRAIN is an infobot now!
jimGumbyBRAIN: gimme yer info
GumbyBRAINSdcc is cool and all, but more importantly, (b) i knew no words for the info.
actionCPAN upload: Search-Odeum-0.02 by IKEBE
CPANupload: Search-Odeum-0.02 by IKEBE
HamsterGumbyBRAIN: is Jeff Beck cool?
GumbyBRAINopeth is pretty cool or a file reading code written by kent beck.
Hamsteri agree...i like opeth too
not sure about code written by kent beck
Davemanit's quiet... too quiet...
f00li5hman of dave!
corelist: File::Spec
buubotFile::Spec was added to Perl5.005

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