#perl - Sun 1 Apr 2007 between 03:00 and 03:17

revdiabloThat's why I mean it can be a bit complicated
unfodo i also want Perl::Critic::More?
revdiabloI wouldn't
You will get plenty from Perl::Critic
unfoi see there's also Perl::Critic::Lax. If Perl::Critic is too much and I get frustrated of disabling certain warnings, I'll try that instead. :)
revdiabloGenerally you don't run Perl::Critic on every execution as with warnings, btw. A lot of people integrate it into their test suite, or just run it periodically
unfois there a way to set it to expect a certain number of criticisms and to tell you only if there are more than that number? Also is there a way to add annotations like splint(1)'s @SOMETHING@ annotations to have it suppress a certain criticism at a certain point?
petafilenoob question: @array = shift(shift(@otherArray)); does @array have otherArray minus the 2 first values(what I want) or the 2 first elements (what I DON"T want)
Seems like there's a better way to do that anyway
if someone could point me to it
revdiablounfo: Yes to the 2nd question
unfo: I'm not sure about the first question
petafile: No, that won't work
petafile: shift() expects an array. The outer shift call will try to shift the return value from the inner shift. It won't work.
petafilerevdiablo: what would work? Do I have to ues a slice?
ah, tha makes sense
revdiablo@array = @otherArray[0,1];
petafilehow do i fix it?
revdiabloYou want to remove them from @otherArray too?
petafileit doesn't matter
revdiabloThen the array slice is the easiest
petafileso @array = @otherArray[2-$#otherArray]
revdiablo(What I just showed you)
I thought you wanted the first two elements
petafileno, everything but
revdiabloOh, @array = @otherArray[2..$#otherArray];
sbingnerthis is C, but I like it better than my perl version: typedef short child; child* vagina (long penis) { short kid; if (penis>=MINSIZE) return &kid; return SAILORS; }
revdiablosbingner: Er
unfosbingner: please help us keep #perl family-friendly and work-safe so that we can have the most amount of help provided here.
sbingnerunfo, that's work safe lol
petafilerevdiablo: will that be out of bounds (ie last index + 1) or the last index?
revdiablosbingner: The phrase 'child vagina' is not work safe nor family friendly
sbingner: Regardless of the intent
petafilethough funny. . .
revdiablopetafile: $#array is the last index
revdiablo: to be fair, its child* vagina, meaning that the vagina returns a child pointer

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