#perl - Tue 6 Mar 2007 between 00:00 and 00:05

Jmax-file handles? you mean sockets?
f00li5hJmax-: no, php lets you do $fh = open ( 'http://foo.com' ,'r');
Jmax-anyways, the php program still has to send headers
spyroboywhatever fopen is
Jmax-wow really?
Jmax-that's stupid
f00li5hJmax-: uri wrappers they call it
Jmax-still a socket technically, but very stupid
jdv79a coworker asked me how to just get the contents of a file into a var in Java today:) he looked at his wits end...
f00li5hJmax-: no, it harvests it, and then opens a file to it locally
jdv79i just said, "make fun of perl again"
f00li5hjdv79: did you suggest that he use inline perl?
jdv79++ # gotta love zealotary
jdv79it was a glorious moment
spyroboyJmax-, any ideas?
Jmax-well it still has security concerns and comformability concerns
spyroboyhow to detour this crap?
Jmax-spyroboy: yes, use mechanize. it sets headers to something google will accept, all you have to do is $mech->agent_alias('Windows IE 6'); # or the like
or, just copy the headers from the source of mechanize :)
f00li5hspyroboy: http://search.cpan.org/~darren/DBD-Google-0.11/lib/DBD/Google.pm
shortenf00li5h's url is at http://xrl.us/u7cy
f00li5hooh, google as a db
Jmax-be warned: those probably use the google soap api
which is no longer supported
you cannot get a key for it
spyroboyf00li5h, no
Jmax-(I know at least Net::Google uses the SOAP API)
spyroboyf00li5h, my friend got FUCKED IN THE ASS with google's dev keys and SOAP.
f00li5hspyroboy: why not?
spyroboy: i'm sure he secretly enjoyed it
spyroboyI don't trust google for shit when it comes to that.
Jmax-DBD::Google is just a wrapper around Net::Google, which uses the defunct SOAP API
xbansheexgoogle scraping is easy and fun!
spyroboyxbansheex, exactly
Jmax-they now only have a "AJAX API", which requires that the script be in javascript and hosted on a specific domain, and to be executed by a web browser
just use mech :)

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