#perl - Sun 4 Mar 2007 between 00:48 and 01:09

VeqIRI know this is probably covered in the manual, but I'm not too familiar with the layout of the manual--where would something like my $conversation->get_chat_data()->send("afasd"); be covered?
woggleUh, what is $conversation here?
somianVeqIR: that is a chained method call
woggleIf you're just talking about syntax, it's the same as my $temp = $conversation->get_chat_data(); $temp->send("afasd");...
somianThat is Object Oriented Perl and you could try perldoc perlboot
VeqIR$conversation is sort of a complex object. It's basicially a Gaim::Conversation object, from what I know, but the way it's laid out is odd due to be a cross-script (*.xs) translation
somianIn general try to use perldoc perltoc to get acquainted with the manual layout, VeqIR
VeqIRThanks somian for the pointer :) (I know this isn't a gaim channel, but the question was reguarding the -> operator)
somianI guessed right then. And answered right.
thriggold stars for all!
somianHeh :-) thrig
I am beginning to see why people speak ill of svn
I wanted release 2.2.15 of a pkg and it is co'ing everything from 2.2.10 forward ;-(
.oO(very silly program)
Ellyin the last hour or so, I have become strong in the ways of vim
somianGood, Elly ;-)
I am trying to switch from emacs.
Ellywho picked 'hjkl' for movement keys?
Jmax-i prefer 'dong'
VeqIRI wish I knew, Elly, it really does seem quite backwards. Luckily, the main movement keys also work. :)
Jmax-more intuitive
somianIt happened in the deeps of time anyway
vi is ancient beyond fathoming
simcop2387-tvGumbyBRAIN, wii would like to play
GumbyBRAINPlay like this to you...
somianBlast! Hardcheese! And I wanted brie!
Jmax-brie :(
KulrakI got spam last night trying to sell me 'wiiagra'
actionJmax- is a big camembert fan
Jmax-is a big camembert fan
KulrakI wonder if that would make my nintendo hard for hours
somianI do not actually like brie at all :-)
simcop2387-tvdoes anyone?
Jmax-unfortunately, yes

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