#perl - Sat 3 Mar 2007 between 02:09 and 02:26

merlynwhat you say!
move every zig!
Teratogenall your beer belong to us.
somianHeyo Teratogen .
tempe.pm meeting tomorrow at 2 P.M. at Tempe Four Peaks
(3 March)
infifeh. come to YAPC::Asia in Tokyo instead.
never been to a yapc
infiwell it's a FINE TIME TO START
TeratogenI will wait for the Phoenix YAPC
infiyrlnry will be there!
somianI don think YAPC will be held as far west as Phoenix anytime soon.
merlynwhat's your perl question!?
anarchrisI have a stupid question about regexp, how do I extract a matched expression out of the string?
somianmerlyn requires feeding, anarchris :0
Perl regexp?
maukeanarchris: ( ), $1, etc
anarchris: see perldoc perlretut
anarchrisI have an HTML file in a string and I want to extract a string between "foo" and "bar"
maukeNO :(
Jmax-perlbot html
infiuh oh.
perlbotdon't use regular expressions! See HTML::TokeParser, HTML::TokeParser::Simple, WWW::Mechanize, HTML::TreeBuilder, etc.
actionsomian waits for it ...
somianwaits for it ...
Jmax-perlbot syntax
hmm, how can i add to taht factoid?
merlynso you don't have a regex question
anarchrisah, ok it works
merlynyou have a question about how to get Perl to do what you want.
anarchrisI used $0 instead of $1
merlynyou still don't want a regex
infiperlbot syntax is Shammalammadingdong
perlbotadded syntax to the database

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