#perl - Wed 28 Mar 2007 between 06:48 and 08:02

jonsmith1982sorry used
AnAnthow can a perl script find out its location ? (Not the PWD)
AnAntBinGOs: that's a perl module ?
BinGOsIt is a core perl module, yeah.
buubot:FindBin will be added by christmas
buubotFindBin was added to Perl5.00307
BinGOsperldoc FindBin for details.
integralGumbyBRAIN: I've never quite understood what philosophy has to do with the post office.
GumbyBRAINNo, that's the post office.
Dandre_thanks jonsmith1982
HarzileinGumbyBRAIN: Now come on, tell us more about that relation between the post office and philosophy.
GumbyBRAINCome the revolution, customs stays out of and where do i get those makefile errors.
whitenoycewhat is qr/some text/i
or where can i find out about it
i got man perl up
man perl?
whitenoyceso can someone give an example of where qr/some text/i would be useful?
clearly i need it for WWW:Mech
but what it means iunno
ok never mind found it in the manpage
actionCPAN upload: JQuery-1.00 by PETERG
CPANupload: JQuery-1.00 by PETERG
AnAnthow do I skip a loop ?
continue ?
nanonymeskip as in what?
AnAntwhile (condition) { bla bla ...; if (cond2) { skip bla2 & continue looping } bla2 }
how do I skip bla2 & continue looping ?
while(<>){ next if line_unwanted ( $_ ); do_stuff_with ( $_ ) ; }
AnAntoh, ok, I put the wrong cond2 !
ofer0also, break() is last()

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