#perl - Sat 24 Mar 2007 between 00:00 and 00:06

Aankhen``That's making my program die each time because the method doesn't exist in the superclass.
f00li5hAankhen``: if it's in an eval, the die can't get you
Randalit shouldn't, if it's inside the eval
Aankhen``I don't understand why the `eval { ... }` is having no effect.
Randalsomething is not as you see
or say
f00li5hAankhen``: eval { } is diplomatic immunity from die
dondelelcarothe only thing that can kill an eval is exit
f00li5hit is, the bug has to be elsewehre
Randalit's the "cheat death" opeator
f00li5hRandal: "dodge"
Supaplexby design, no cheat.
Randalcheat is sometimes the design
in video, we say "cheat right" or "cheat left" when we just want a nudge
Randalbut I never learned a term for "rotate the camera at a 30 degree tilt"
erxz_paste"Aankhen" at pasted "sub S_msg { my $self = shift;" (7 lines) at http://erxz.com/pb/1893
Randalso I invented my own terms: "batman left" and "batman right"
because they used to use that a lot in the old batman tv series
f00li5hRandal: that's what i love about standards, making my own ones up
Aankhen``Randal: I'll try the `can` method you suggested earlier, I hadn't seen that one before.
RandalI'd call to the handheld guy "gimme a 3-shot of the girls on the left, and batman right"
and he'd know exactly what I wanted
f00li5hRandal: i see
RandalI mean, we all knew "zoom" "pan" "dolly" "title"
but there was no "rotate" :)
Randalhence, "batman" :)
Aankhen``No dice. The `defined $_ and ...` method makes my program eat up about 900 MB of memory without any visible activity. :-\
Randalyou've got some sort of recursive call then
Oh- I missed the SUPER there
Aankhen``Ah, heh.
Randaldefined $_ and $self->$_(@args) for $self->can("SUPER::method");
RandalI was thinking of my DESTROY caller
f00li5hRandal: can gives you a coderef, right?
Randalfor (@ISA) { my $can = $_->can("DESTROY"); $can && $self->$can }

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