#perl - Fri 23 Mar 2007 between 18:22 and 18:29

ZSystemeval while(1) {};
workrelatedhow can i get this to work
my $sumformula = "=SUM(A",$row,":",$cal, $row, ")";
my $sumformula = "=SUM(A",$row,":",$cal, $row, ")";
crap im sorry that was supposed to be just once
dazjorzZSystem: eval:
ZSystemeval: while(1) {};
buubotKilling 1269 due to run time
maukeworkRelated: my $sumformula = "=SUM(A$row:$cal$row)";
ZSystemeval: print `cat /etc/passwd`;
buubotZSystem: 1
ZSystemeval: print `ps aux`;
buubotZSystem: 1
maukeZSystem: there is no cat (or ps)
ZSystemWhy using pipe and IO::Select can_read for pipe always returns an empty array, regardless of whether there is or not?
dazjorzeval: `ls -l`
RandalZSystem - that's not true in general
dazjorzjails :(
buubot's in jail
RandalZSystem - you'll need to show some code for us to help further
please make your code small, so we can run it
ZSystemmy $dps = new IO::Select($downpipe);
my @dpr;
@dpr = $dps->can_read(2);
&lg("can read?");
&lg("Can.. Start reading");
RandalNO NO
no paste here
Randalperlbot, paste >zsy
perlbot paste > ZSystem
we can't run code that says $downpipe
we can't run code that says lg()
please paste only code we can run
maukeIO::Select->new($downpipe), lg("can read?"), if (@dpr), lg("Can.. Start reading")

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