#perl - Fri 2 Mar 2007 between 00:02 and 01:31

jalexI haven't tried carbon emacs...sounds fun
decI've seen modules change their blessed ref so they stringify to something useful... how? All I can think of is blessing scalar refs but then you still require $$object to get the data out...
revdiabloOverload stringification
use overload '""' => \&stringify_me;
decAhhh I see
thanks, revdiablo.
Ellywoah, merlyn isn't a felon any more?
Or no?
How do you answer that question! heh
rnorwoodmerlyn: congrats, I guess?
PerlJamrnorwood: why would you guess at that?'
revdiabloHe clearly has no soul
decCool, overload seems fun. :)
actionCPAN upload: Template-Provider-DBIC-0.01 by DCARDWELL
CPANupload: Template-Provider-DBIC-0.01 by DCARDWELL
nandori want to print lines into a command and then reads its output (stdout) is there a way to do this?
revdiablonandor: IPC::Open2
jorvis_congrats on the news merlyn
revdiablonandor: Or IPC::Open3 (if you need to handle stdout and stderr separately)
nandor: Or POE::Wheel::Run if you want to do it all fancy
So yes, there is "a" way to do it. =)
actionCPAN upload: Class-Accessor-Named-0.008 by JESSE
CPANupload: Class-Accessor-Named-0.008 by JESSE
AndyAwayping stpierre
merlynwow... I made slashdot
WoostaIn Net::POP3 .. (or POP3 in general) .. I assume the MSGNUMs will change .. like, if I delete(1), everything else will move forward and there will be a new MSGNUM == 1
revdiabloWoosta: I think the numbers don't change within a single POP3 session, but I could be wrong.
Woostarevdiablo: ahh cool .. I just realised that I want to start at the end anyway
simcop2387bwahaha, todays xkcd is great
imMuteoh yeah
ive almost done that before
luckily i had a paper and pencil on hand
jalexcongratulations Merlyn on your expungement.
Cypherwhats up
jalexmerlyn, So does this mean you don't need all that $$$ you have been saving to pay legal expenses?
cause I need...a new life
Ysmael_Vasquez_bCaptcha in perl?

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