#perl - Mon 26 Feb 2007 between 00:06 and 01:24

CaT[tm]is http://datetime.perl.org/ broken for anyone else?
actionrhizo got a proxy error
rhizogot a proxy error
f00li5hCaT[tm]: there's strange whatnot going on with perl.org
CaT[tm]drat. :/
actionCaT[tm] was gonna read some more docs. annoyance.
CaT[tm]was gonna read some more docs. annoyance.
rhizoGumbyBRAIN, Sometimes the SECD machine never stops
GumbyBRAINNever go into the machine.
maukeGumbyBRAIN: does it have ghosts?
GumbyBRAINGhosts are very easy to get it to have a joost beta invite?
rhizoGumbyBRAIN, the calculi are seen to be correct
GumbyBRAINAnd that's also why the abbreviation isn't sean, since that would be to read it again are things on credit so you will reconize him.
seen sili?
jpegGumbyBRAIN: skurwysyn!
GumbyBRAINNo, this is widely considered a power cord to replace the lack of fork.
jdv79is that a real word?
rhizoGumbyBRAIN, omit the redexes
GumbyBRAINis that the "scheduler", the component that talks perl.
f00li5hhi GumbyBRAIN! make me a sanwich
rhizosudo make me a GumbyBRAIN
f00li5hno rule to make target GumbyBRAIN stop.
actionCPAN upload: WebService-FC2-SpamAPI-0.01 by FUJIWARA
CPANupload: WebService-FC2-SpamAPI-0.01 by FUJIWARA
SubStackGumbyBRAIN: These are not the droids you are looking for.
GumbyBRAINAre you the list about it?
DavemanGumbybrain: search Hash::Toke
oh shit, right
akhashathe mariguano moistens his hands with water
actionmerlyn tries to convert a big pile of data in one shape to data in another shape
merlyntries to convert a big pile of data in one shape to data in another shape
Supaplexmakenai: force it in the round hole!
merlynthat's what it's feeling like
actionCPAN upload: DBD-Informix-2007.0225 by JOHNL
CPANupload: DBD-Informix-2007.0225 by JOHNL
yuanhow can i call a sub ?
or funcname()
or &funcname; # old style

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