#perl - Fri 23 Feb 2007 between 00:00 and 00:05

Teratogenincluding plankton
and I believe we get most of our oxygen from plankton
so we may die from oxygen depletion of the atmosphere
intr0pycfedde: "real thins", that coming from a programmer sounds funny :P
merlynmayan calendar rolls over before then
cfeddeintr0py: yeah. it does.
Teratogenthere is always the 2036 asteroid
and of course Y2.038K
merlyndec 23 2012
Teratogenanyone seen the movie "The Last Wave" ?
that's how I imagine things will end
SECGODanyone here have TWiki running?
cfeddeeval: scalar localtime(2**31-1)
buubotcfedde: Mon Jan 18 19:14:07 2038
intr0pywell life isn't guranteed at all, we could all be dead tomorrow.
merlynSECGOD - /join #twiki
intr0pydying is just another part of living.
SECGODi am there but its dead
nobody responds
they are sleeping or dead like my attempted install
cfeddeSECGOD: so go ask in #buntcake
SECGODwhat the heck is that ?
intr0pysili you awake?!?!!
cfeddeI'm not sure but you about as likely to get an answer there as here.
intr0pysili sili come out and play
Teratogendying is part of the human continuum, yes
intr0pynot just human anything living dies
merlynif you had an actual Perl question, we might be able to answer, SECGOD
but you don't. you have an end-user question
intr0pyya so call microsoft and be done with it :)
SECGODCan't locate Error.pm in @INC (@INC contains: /var/www/html-intranet/lib
merlynmy program dies. does that mean it's living?
SECGODits perl
merlynso what's your *perl* question?
still waiting for one
doesn't matter that it's written in Perl
intr0pymerlyn: maybe
merlynif you're not the programmer writing code, we're probably not helpful
SECGODhow can i tell what perl modules i have installed

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