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alexstaceywrong channel mate =]
anyway, i'm off to bed
zackCan I order by 2 thigns?
Can I order by 2 criteria, with one more important than the other?
zacklike if i'm doing an order by rating desc, and two people have rating of 10
how do I make sure that the person with a greater number of ratings is ranked higher?
kimseongorder by a second condition
oder by expr1, expr2
cmannsEllo my sysadmin installed mysql...the /var partition is small I told him to switch the data dir to /usr so today mysql cannot write so I did mv /var/db/mysql to /home/mysql, chown -R mysql:mysql /home/mysql and tryed to start it but its not working right. Saying mysql.plugins table is missing or something Any suggestions
kimseongchange datadir to /usr but move to /home/mysql ?
cmannsI have it set like
datadir = /home/mysql
basedir = /home/mysql
It looks like the db's are in /home/mysql/mysql should I make the data dir /mysql/mysq ?
kimseongbasedir is the installation dir
datadir shoule be /home/mysql the next level mysql is the database name for mysql database
The db's are in /home/mysql/mysql though
When it was in /var/db/mysql they're in /mysql too
kimseongcmanns: do you have another mysql /home/mysql/mysql/mysql ?
kimseongthen /home/mysql/mysql is your datadir
hybridiZ1dhi guys.. when i try start mysql it goes ......ERROR where can i go to see the mysql logs? and see why its failing
and it wont start
kimseonghybridiZ1d: error log, a file with extension err unless changed by the disrtibution
cmannscmanns-sl-db1# Starting mysqld daemon with databases from /home/mysql/mysql
STOPPING server from pid file /home/mysql/mysql/cmanns-sl-db1.sup2u.com.pid
THis time no error
hybridiZ1dkimseong: where is the error log usually? /var/log ?
kimseong: hellow?
cmannsThx kimseong, I got it working now and thank god only mysql database got corrupted.
zack$rank_query = "SET @result_num:=0; CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE table_name SELECT (@result_num:=@result_num+1) as rank,avg( actual_rating ), being_rated, count(*) FROM ratings GROUP BY being_rated HAVING count(*)>=2 ORDER BY avg(actual_rating) desc; select * from table_name where being_rated=$uid;";
$result3 = mysql_query($rank_query);
$temparray = mysql_fetch_row($result3);
Warning: mysql_fetch_row(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in

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