#mysql - Thu 3 May 2007 between 00:00 and 00:10

Cianticcornernote_, what? I don't want to pipe it to mysql, I want the SQL
cornernote_oh, i see, you just want that format
you dont get the fields when you dump ?
Cianticactually ... (fields) VALUES(...)
cornernote_just the values
Cianticcornernote_, yup, and the worst is that all of the rows are in same INSERT
cornernote_i think there are format options, but i dont know off the top of my head, sorry
Cianticby default it comes in: INSERT INTO ... (row1),(row2),... which is not what I wanted
cornernote_you could write a script in perl or php to do it if worst came to worst
Cianticdamned! mysql used to print 'em in that one INSERT per row format earlier
kimseongCiantic: becasue multi row is faster, so mysql change the --opt to be default
Ciantickimseong, what?
AndyGorehas anybody used memcached ?
Cianticoh right, I'll try that, thanks
thefirstdudeis it a good idea to store files in mysql, versus on disk?
thefirstdudecause I'm thinking I wouldn't spend time opening and closing the file
thumbsstoring blob in sql is rarely a good idea.
thefirstdudehow come?
thumbsit increases the amount of data to return from a query dramatically
thefirstdudeI also wouldn't need to worry about having a "file directory" etc.
thumbsin some cases, that increase can cause timeouts, and other delays
thefirstdudewill that hurt somebody?
thumbsthe speed of your application will suffer.
Freakydepends how big your blobs are
thefirstdudeI'm thinking videos ;)
Freakyerr ;)
thumbsthen I would definitely say NO.
Freaky"You're fired" ;)
d-mediaMore than one FULLTEXT key was created for column `Item_Name` this is not a good message is it LOL?
actionFreaky calls security
Freakycalls security
thefirstdudegood thing I haven't said my name
FreakyChad Hurley? ;)
seekwillThere are a few cases where storing large files in a DB structure will work. It's just usually better to use the "file database"
thefirstdudelol, now that I think about it I've been called Adam alot!
THE file database?
what's that?

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