#mysql - Tue 15 May 2007 between 00:00 and 00:15

branstromAre users 'blah' and 'blah@host' treated as completely separate users?
I realize 'blah' is actually 'blah'@'%'
predderwouldnt the blah@host be redundant
because it's also part of the wildcard
either way i'd be very careful with what you're doing!
branstromWith what exactly?
predderbut if you have blah@box1 and blah@box2 then yes, they are completely different
having blah@% and blah@domain with different permissions
branstromYeah, with different passwords and different privileges, I think I get it
predderbecause you couldnt be guaranteed that the blah@domain account wont just use the blah@% account instead (obviously it wont be let in with a different password but that's not the point)
pimpmaster, does your user have "file" privileges?
show grants for your user
pimpmasteri just figured it out.. by saving the file to my tmp directory it went through just fine
will it save my indexes like this as well?
branstromI just took that as an example, I'm not after that kind of a setup.
predderpimpmaster, no, doing a select into outfile is raw data, no indexes..
pimpmasterargh.. so I really should mysqldump it huh?
predderthat doesnt make the index either afaik
chadmaynardthe only thing you need to recreate the index is the table structure saying something is indexed
predderbut if you want to perform a query and get the results in a file you should be doing mysql -e 'select * from foo.bar;' > somefile.data
txmanilat3rsry i have another new guy question
pimpmasterso INTO OUTFILE is bad?
txmanilat3ri want to put a record such as "23-2-0" in a column, shouldn't i do that as a varchar...i won't need to do any math functions on it
predderwell, the docs recommend using mysql -e ........ if you have the ability to i believe
pimpmasterthx predder, I will make a note of this voodoo
preddertxmanilat3r, a varchar would be fine
chadmaynardtxmanilat3r: if it's always 6 characters wide use a char()
txmanilat3rk thx is there a way to chg the format if I currently have it set to int?
its no big deal if not, or if it takes a lot of work this is just a db to fool around on
predderyou can alter the table with the alter table command
chadmaynard!man alter t
the_wenchsee http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.0/en/alter-table.html
pimpmasterpredder, am i correct in thinking that the reverse of that statemnt wouldbe: mysql -e 'INSERT foo.bar' < somefile.sql
chadmaynardpimpmaster: you are incorrect
branstromBy default on my Debian install there seems to be two root accounts: root@Io (its hostname) and root@localhost - isn't the localhost account enough?
chadmaynardbranstrom: depends on how you connect
predderpimpmaster, close, you probably just want mysql < somefile.sql where somefile.sql contains the "insert into" query
pimpmastermy bad, i meant to say mysql -e 'select * from foo.bar;' > somefile.data

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