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agorejoseAway: its windows that your on ?
Using the xampp package
agoreis it not hiding .ini files when you do your search ?
dimhi all, need some help. I tried checking your wiki site but i'm not a developer and couldn't figure out how to combine queries for what I need... (I have 3 tables in my DB which I need to query for products. DB (mystoredb), tables (products, products_description, manufacturers) I need to export a list of products with certain fields from each table. what's the sql query please?
joseAwayagore, it's searching hidden files and folders..
agoreall mysql on linux and windows have this config file
unix its my.cnf and windows its my.ini
joseAwayThey should :| But mine appears to be missing
How could it start without my.ini?
agoreIve never tried :)
but perhaps it can ?
and uses defaults
joseAwayAh. Blame xampp.
jhansendim: you need to know the query only, or how to export it as well? in what format?
joseAwayIt's executed in a batch file with the line mysql\bin\mysqld --defaults-file=mysql\bin\my.cnf --standalone --console
dimi have access to phpMyAdmin, so I can just paste query in there..
agoreah cool
so if you edit my.cnf
dimeach product ias information that I need in all 3 tables (products, products_description, and manufacturers)
from the "products" table I need - products_alternate_name & products_description fields
sorry, this ^^^ was the products_description table
and from the "products" I need - products_model, products_image, products_price
joseAwayWell, I tried setting the default character set... but no dice. I think I'll just remove what I have in the way of mysql libs and servers and get them all the same version this time
jhansendim: SELECT p.*, pd.name, m.name FROM products p, producut_descriptions pd, manufactures m WHERE p.id = pd.product_id AND p.manufacutired_id = m.id;
agorejoseAway: you need to rebbot mysql
dimthe "products" table has a manufacturers_id field, which is linked to the "manufacturers" table
agorerestrat mysql for the my.cnf file to take effect
jhansendim: spell check
joseAwayYes, I did :\
agorejoseAway: worth a try :)
dimthank you, let me try it jhansen
joseAwaythanks for all the help agore
agorenp good luck
woops. wrong chan. :)
carrerahas anyone compiled php-5-2-2 with mysql-5.0.37-linux-i686
i get mysql errors

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