#mysql - Sat 7 Apr 2007 between 00:00 and 00:09

chadmaynardtry mysqld_safe --user=mysql
pelesmksame results
deviatorthat works, thank you
chadmaynardpelesmk: odd. are you using a my.cnf file?
deviatorlot mroe to type than just * lol.... but doesnt corrupt my data this way
pelesmkthat's where I'm thinking it's getting lost
chadmaynarddeviator: get used to it. * is evil!
pelesmkI created on in /etc/my.cnf, but originally it didn't have one
so there could be something wrong with it or it could be in the wrong directory
can I specify it on commandline?
deviatorwell i have 2 'state' and 2 'city' fiels being pulled so when i would parse the data it would show the second city and state, not the first which is what i need displayed
chadmaynardpelesmk: mysqld_safe --defaults-file=/etc/my.cnf
pelesmk: and if not paste your my.cnf file
pelesmkI get unknown variable when I add the --defaults-file=/etc/my.cnf
chadmaynardoh. maybe i spelled it wrong.
from the manual
pelesmklooks correct to me, help shows that
chadmaynardpelesmk: could be an error inside my.cnf
pelesmkmust have mispelled it on my end, but still gives same error
Myrthhi, in ##php no one answers to that, maybe someone knows here? : is there an alternative in mysqli for PDO::ATTR_EMULATE_PREPARES ?
pelesmkeww...one sec
the perms on /etc/my.cnf are bad
since I created it with root
still no change
chadmaynard!wench learn nabfphp is We are not a backup channel for #php.
the_wenchI have learnt nabfphp is We are not a backup channel for #php.
pelesmkpasting my.cnf
chadmaynard!tell Myrth about nabfphp
the_wenchMyrth We are not a backup channel for #php.
chadmaynardpelesmk: try running without my.cnf
XgcYes, but he's from ##php.
pelesmktried it with --no-defaults
gave same cant change dir and failed to create errors
19:04 < Xgc> Yes, but he's from ##php.
err. paste didn't want to paste there
chadmaynardmysqld_safe --basedir=/var/db/mysql --err-log=/var/db/mysql/error.log --no-defaults --user=mysql

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