#mysql - Thu 5 Apr 2007 between 15:51 and 16:39

pepsiaddictmaybe find DISTINCT column?
snoyesArepie: If BIT_LENGTH returns a non-0, it's not empty.
pepsiaddict: without providing some explicit order, there's no guarantee of results.
jorviswhen importing a large SQL file via 'source' from the mysql shell I keep getting packet size errors. I don't have control over the server instance, so I can't increase it there. Can I make the 'source' command use smaller packets?
kidksnoyes: Sorry by the way, I got called away on the phone earlier but your 'ignore' thing worked. Cheers.
tASEwhat would be a select to select `index` where `last_ip` between `ipstart` and `ipend`, but index and last_ip are in a diff table than `ipstart` and `ipend` ?
$char TRIX
wrong chan
snoyesSELECT index FROM tablea JOIN tableb ON tablea.last_ip BETWEEN tableb.ipstart AND tableb.ipend;
works gvood
Arepie$sql = 'SELECT BIT_LENGTH( image ) FROM category WHERE id = '.$_GET['id'];
it doesnt work
the_wenchhits Arepie with a return value, "FIND A NEW CAREER"
snoyesdoesn't work
the_wenchDoesn't work is not a helpful statement. Was there an error? Unexpected results? Does it sit on the couch all day eating all your cheetos and ignoring the classifieds? Be specific!
Arepieas i tried the output of the $sql.. and tried it manually.. it works..
there's no error..
owhh perhaps is does
hold on
brickbritei was going to vote for the cheetoes option
Arepieit get this as the output: Resource id #7
testmaniais there a way to recover data if i deleted the data in a table?
snoyesArepie: You need to use the appropriate mysql_fetch_* function.
KaramonWould this be the correct syntax for a UNIQUE clause -- SELECT * FROM `foo` WHERE `id` = 'bar' AND UNIQUE `ip` -- if not what would be the best way to do this?
seekwillThere is no UNIQUE clause
snoyesSELECT DISTINCT * FROM `foo` WHERE `id` = 'bar'; would work.
seekwillCould work.
KaramonWell, I should have been more clear, let me pastebin my current query so my question is a little clearer
liriwould anyone volunteer to give a hand in constructing some sql queries for a freeradius application I'm working on?
seekwillToo bad we don't support pastebins anymore
KaramonCan I use a different one?
snoyesof course
KaramonWhy did you guys get rid of yours?

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