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jessupxhey guys
what does it mean if mysql ignores a limit 0,1 after a select statement?
jessupxoh, it was my bad.. I had a quote in the wrong place
it was doing the full select, not limiting to only 1
makhanis there any way to get the values of a table in a variable in c program
makhancan u please tell me how?
ToeBeeit is called an API... http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.0/en/c.html
makhanyeah i am using the api and i am able to connect and make the queires
how can i collect the result of queries into a variable
ToeBeeusually you suck out individual values into integer/string/etc variables
not sure if the c api has functions to pull out an entire row at a time as an array or not. kind of doubt it
soundsoldierMacPlusG3: ok, how do you approach synchronization between the mysqld nodes for stuff like client permissioning
MacPlusG3soundsoldier: generally manually - or through scripts
soundsoldier: theoretically can do it with replication as well
Isil`Zhahallo. i can't connect to my local mysql server. error is "ERROR 2002: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2)". my main problem now: i don't seem to have such a file anywhere on my disk. i tried to use --host=localhost as well to get it using tcp/ip. didn
't change anything
ToeBeeis the server running?
Isil`Zhayes according to the initscript it is
i used the one in /etc/init.d/ (gentoo)
ToeBeewhat about according to top?
or rather ps
ps ax | grep mysqld
Isil`Zhaps doesn't show it. but i don't understand why
the initscript returns "* WARNING: mysql has already been started."
ToeBeeit may have crashed
check the logs in /var/log/mysql/
SomethingRottenhttp://hashphp.org/pastebin?pid=14785 I dont understand why this doesnt work
ToeBeeIsil`Zha: if it really isn't running you can reset the init script with /etc/init.d/mysql zap
Isil`Zhahmm well: mysql.log is empty, mysql.err only has "060704 20:06:07 mysqld started", which is strange because it doesn't mach the time i just restarted it. mysqld.err finally complains about innodb having problems with the server being downgraded from a version higher than 4.1 to 4.0 (had to do this because i wanted to replicate a remote environment locally)
chadmaynardSomethingRotten: 12: $result = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM tblHome WHERE date = '$date'");
!tell SomethingRotten about quotes
the_wenchSomethingRotten Use ` around identifiers (database/table/column/alias names) and ' around strings and dates. MySQL does allow " for strings, but ANSI standard uses " for identifiers (which you can enable with ANSI QUOTES option)
Isil`ZhaToeBee: did this. no changes. ps still doesn't show it. the script tells me it was successful though
ToeBeewell I'm not totally sure what is going on but I would recommend figuring out what that innodb error is all about
Isil`Zhaeventually i don't care about the data which is inside. is there an easy way to just delete everything?
if the existing dbs really stop it from working this should fix it i hope
chadmaynardIsil`Zha: delete everything inside the datadir and then run mysql_install_db
Isil`Zhachadmaynard: thanks

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