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kimseongAndyGore: depends, if you want to truncate table and recover space, use per table, otherwise shared is fine
AndyGore: easier to maintain all files in 1 place, but cannot shrink the size
AndyGorewhy is it so hard to shrink the size
kimseongAndyGore: not possible to shrink at all
AndyGore: unless you delete everything and import the data again
Jonathan25what is enum ?
the type.
kimseong!man enum
the_wenchsee http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.0/en/enum.html
AndyGorekimseong: so by using each tabel in its own table space, you could drop the table, delete its table space, then create and import the table again ?
ZombieI have an issue with my Information Schema
select TABLE_NAME from information_schema.columns where COLUMN_NAME = `BOOK_CODE` OR `TITLE` OR `PRICE` GROUP BY TABLE_NAME ;
#1054 - Unknown column 'TITLE' in 'where clause'
ZombieThis worked on one of my other databases.
chemisusselect TABLE_NAME from information_schema.columns where COLUMN_NAME = `BOOK_CODE` OR COLUMN_NAME = `TITLE` OR COLUMN_NAME = `PRICE` GROUP BY TABLE_NAME ;
Jonathan25I can't auto_increment a column, here is my error I get: Incorrect column specifier for column 'poll_a'
Jonathan25!man specifier
L|NUXalexp : see what archivist said
alexpL|NUX: I thought so too but someone told me that when you hit 500,000 then you can run into issues, really need to optimize etc....
archivistpeople are running far larger tables, just remember to use good indexes
jduggan_so is there a decent way to replicate just one table??
or do you replicate a whole db and the slave ignores what data it doesnt want?
alexpDo you think one way to manage huge amounts of users is to spread across several databases/servers. So at one point, new users get stored on a different server and database etc....
haptiKIs there a limit to the number of subqueries one can execute within a statement?
archivistalexp yes partition for high use
alexparchivist: makes it harder to manage but it does seem to make sense
d-mediaarchivist: hey do you know how I can do that?
archivistsee comments on xaprb's blog http://www.xaprb.com/blog/2007/04/27/mysql-conference-and-expo-2007-day-4/
d-mediaarchivist: hey how could I exclude all rows in a return on a query that another table contains where id = 1 I want to exclude all matching number for blogid on the other table?
ghatak1Hi, how do i search for a table in a db server with large number of databases;
d-mediawhat is a database entity?
like a table?
lewisI am trying to import a database dump from MySQL 4 to MySQL 5. This is the error that I get for one table creation. Any ideas? http://pastebin.ca/465470
archivistPRIMARY KEY ( `id` , `id` )
haptiKholy cow
by removing my union and creating a join i've narrowed my sql query from 2.7 seconds to 0.0018 seconds.
thats ridiculous

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