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ZombieAnyone here use phpMyAdmin?
actionXgc smiles.
seekwillXgc must use phpMyAdmin.
ZombieIs there a less Back Assward way of creating Views?
Xgcseekwill: Sometimes it's funny to watch people wait for answers to non-questions.
ZombieCurrently, I've been expressing my views as Select commands, then manually adding the CREATE VIEW on the front end.
raymondZombie: eh?
Zombie: That's how a VIEW is created.
ZombieAre there more efficient ways,
of doing that?
XgcZombie: That's the way most every database does it. It's similar to the SQL standard.
seekwillXgc: Well, it is a question... just not a very useful one.
Xgc: And what do you mean by "sometimes". It's always funny
Zombie: How is it not efficient?
Jonathan25what's the mysql command line to make results from a column all unique.
seekwillSELECT DISTINCT will make MySQL only return distictive rows.
Xgcseekwill: It doesn't ask the real question. Pretty much like asking if anyone knows how to do a SELECT?
raymondJonathan25: DISTINCT just as it is with all other SQL engines.
seekwillXgc: Still a question... :)
XgcJust not *the real* question.
seekwillHmm... I have some time to spare. I shall make a wiki page to address Jonathan25's question...
Xgc: :)
just wondering if someone can help me turn on remote access to my mysql server i am running mysql5.0 on debian etch
the_wenchremove bind-address= and skip-networking from my.cnf and grant permission to the external 'user'@'host' and remove any firewall rules blocking port 3306
NormanAtholi have already changed the bind address to my local ip but from what i can tell you mean just remove it completly
NormanAtholthere is no skip networking it says the default is to now only accept connections on local host
Jonathan25is this correct:
ALTER TABLE blabla ADD UNIQUE email varchar(320) / correct ?
ALTER TABLE foo ADD email VARCHAR( 65 ) NOT NULL, ADD UNIQUE INDEX idx_email ( email );
probably even better would be:
ALTER TABLE foo ADD email VARCHAR( 65 ) NOT NULL, ADD UNIQUE INDEX idx_email ( email( 8 ) );
NormanAtholi must be doing something wrong somewhere it dosent seem to be working for me
i commented out bind-address in mysql.cnf
chadmaynarddid you restart mysql?
to add the users i doen this

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