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PastorRonWould you be willing to help me with my mysql error
jazzrockerferguscan: Pasteurization... there's a difference
PastorRon: only if you give us the error and ask your question
bashusrPastorRon: i don't get what you're doing
ferguscanjazzrocker, :-) My comment was directed at both.
PastorRonI am creating a directory
bashusrwhat is $directory_results? what's $i? what's "ministry_directory.name"?
kregboo-yah! first time i've seen radius auth against a username in mysql
$i is the counter of the mySQL results
bashusrPastorRon: telling us the query might be helpful...
jazzrockerPastorRon: yeah so far your question appears to belong in ##php more or less
ferguscan: but you are keen on that lack of nutrients thing... cooked food is evil!
TheGamblerempty_mind: did you get an answer?
PastorRonSELECT DISTINCT ministry_directory.name FROM ministry_directory_listing_categories INNER JOIN ministry_directory WHERE ministry_directory.listing_type = '4' AND ministry_directory.name LIKE '%b%' AND ministry_directory.address_line_1 LIKE '%%' AND ministry_directory.address_line_2 LIKE '%%' AND ministry_directory.address_line_1 LIKE '%%' AND ministry_directory.address_line_2 LIKE '%%' AND ministry_directory.city LIKE '%%' AND ministry_directory.provi
nce_state_county LIKE '%%' AND ministry_directory.country LIKE '%%' AND ministry_directory.postal_zip_code LIKE '%%' AND ministry_directory_listing_categories.ministry_directory_category_reference = '18' ORDER BY ministry_directory.name ASC
empty_mindthe_wench, nope
jazzrockercooking your food reduces the nutritional value by about 80%
bashusrPastorRon: pastebin...
empty_mindTheGambler, nope
bashusrPastorRon: that's a scary sql query
PastorRonoh ... sorry
that is the query
BrianB_jazzrocker that is very true, raw is the only way to eat
PastorRonIt is created on the fly
jazzrockerPastorRon: ouch... even though that appears to be one line... you probably should have pastebin'ed it
BrianB_although a bit boring
TheGamblerPastorRon: you getting too many rows?
empty_mindjazzrocker, then eat raw vegetables :-p
jazzrockerempty_mind: i do
raw fish sometimes too
ferguscanjazzrocker, not always.
empty_mindjazzrocker, raw meat might be injurious to health
PastorRonI am trying to retrieve the listing name, address, web site and contact #
jazzrockerBrianB_: sprouted nut and bean pate's, salt, oil, spices are all still game
empty_mind: uhhh, yeah like raw beef... raw fish = sushi
PastorRonWhat I don't understand is why I am able to retrieve the name and nothing else

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