#mysql - Sun 22 Apr 2007 between 00:23 and 01:47

anyone alive?
any idea why modified by is not working?
jbalintwhat is not working
burtonator... so I'm trying to migrate a table to INNODB and during import one of the INSERTs is deadlocking ... no disk or CPU is being used....... any ideas?
jbalintshow engine innodb status;
cliffclofwhat's an undefined index warning?
dang i thought i got my indexes right?
seekwillWhere did you get that error msg?
burtonatorhm........ I dont' think this is a deadlock.... the statatement would have been aborted otherwise
turboloverhey guys
how many characters long is a string of [255], 256? or when you define a string in mysql is it mroe than that
255 usually means, 255.
is there any flag i can set for something so although i allocate a certainlegnth for it, it can accomodate more if need be?
seekwillUse a VARCHAR length
VARCHAR(255) will use up number_of_chars+1
VARCHAR is variable length
turboloveryeah, well what im doing is storing an array of 40 form elements that had been serialized into a string from php
so its quite length
turboloveri ran out of space with 255 :P
seekwillUsually it's better to store each form element in a different row
Use TEXT then
muggeris there anyway to pull say all the data out of table1, then join it with table 2 on the condition a row in table 2 = 1(a fixed value)?
seekwillHow does table1 relate to table2?
But yes, you can do: FROM a INNER JOIN b ON a.id = b.id AND b.fixed = 1
(if that's what you mean)
cliffclofIs it practical to have a multiple tables with 100,000 entries
cliffcloferr does it work okay say I have 3 indexes
seekwill100k entires is "little"
cliffclofsweet thank you
seekwillDepends on your queries
cliffclofthey are calling only groups of 1000 at a time

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