#mysql - Fri 13 Apr 2007 between 11:19 and 11:25

Noevelirakis, full database ?
lirakisNoeve: no.. full table
Leithal!man table is full
lirakisthis is the only table in the db
the_wenchsee http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.0/en/full-table.html
Leithalthe issue is likely not with file size ... but ... "something else" ;)
lirakisthe_wench: ive already read the docs.. and for the correct version of mysql i am running (4.1.2) not 5
Noeveaoirthoir, do you know what's wrong with the query ? I'm guessing it's the CASE.
aoirthoirNoeve: i am prepping a sample in my mysql db to see if I can run it
lirakisLeithal: yeah ... im just not sure what? i mean.. everything about this system seems to be able to support MUCH larger file sized
.. i dont know why its erroring out
Noeveaoirthoir, thanks very much :)
Leithalread the manual page
it describes the problem
snoyeslirakis: You've changed the myisam_data_pointer_size?
lirakissnoyes: this is a fresh install of centos 4.4 ive changed nothing
haptiKcrap i have two bites of toaste left and ive run out of cheese spread.
snoyesBy default, MyISAM allows up to 4GB. Change myisam_data_pointer_size to 5 or 6.
Leithaluse peanut butter
taking a bite of toast and licking the plate
snoyeslirakis: or use alter table and set MAX_ROWS to something bigger
archivisteat the plate
chadmaynardhaptiK: i wouldn't advie eating cheese.
haptiKi love cheese!
class over so soon?
Leithalsnoyes: worth noting that just changing myisam_data_pointer_size is not enough for an already created table
only takes affect after changing for *new* tables
actionarchivist is eating cheese slices in croissants
archivistis eating cheese slices in croissants
chadmaynardhaptiK: yep. 50 mins. I have another one right now buts its calc3. I don't need to listen to the lecture
snoyesThat's a useful point that ought to be mentioned in the manual.
haptiKchadmaynard: you'll be happy to note that ive mastered normalisation
Leithalneed to still do the above alter, or null alter table, or optimize, or whatever, after changing it
haptiKi have 4 tables all normalised and i have a huge sql statement to bind them together
chadmaynardhaptiK: i haven't :(
snoyesOne SQL to bring them all, one SQL to find them...
lirakissnoyes: i will try it... but i have 9,802,070 now.. it seems like an odd number to 'fail' on

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