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asdxoh that did it
insert into user (host, user, password) values ('localhost', 'asdx', PASSWORD('blah')); flush privileges;
i will see GRANT/CREATE USER later
thanks for the help
Froshare there programming in mysql?
asdxFrosh: programming in mysql?
brian_lucidfrosh: http://tinyurl.com/2wlx5s
DrstrokerXgc: lol you have me on the edge of my seat
XgcDrstroker: After all that, I'm trying to find a path for you to follow to the solution. I have the answer. Blurting it out doesn't seem like the right thing to do. Let's see...
Drstroker: The first step is to realize the schema doesn't quite provide the structure you need.
asdxdamn i cant create databases with my user
XgcDrstroker: You want to conditionally join on column 1 or column 2.
asdxis that some permission i have to change?
XgcDrstroker: user_id or boomer_id.
Drstrokerum yes
between there user_ids
XgcDrstroker: So start by constructing a result set with both [user_id, boomer_id] and [boomer_id, user_id] tuples.
Drstroker: Do that with a union.
Drstrokerwait what
lost me now
XgcDrstroker: The key is you also want the original boomer_id and user_id in the same result, not swapped.
Drstroker: Well, you want to find all boomer_user entries where boomer or user is '1'.
XgcDrstroker: To do that cleanly, you want to construct a set where both boomer and user are found in the join key/field.
Drstrokerall users_boomers where user_id or boomer_id = 1 and boomer_status_id = 1
XgcDrstroker: You do that with a union.
i've done that correct?
XgcDrstroker: At the same time you want to return the original user, boomer fields in separate columns in the original order.
Drstroker: derived table looks like this: user/boomer, boomer/user, user, boomer
Drstrokersorry i'm lost now
XgcDrstroker: The first 2 columns are generated from the sides of the union. SELECT user, boomer, ... FROM ... UNION SELECT boomer, user, ...
Sorry. There's a typo in that description.
Drstrokeryes correct
i'm sorry
but as a union i only dervive one column correct

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