#mysql - Sat 3 Mar 2007 between 07:14 and 07:37

specialunderwear_syphilis_: is that enough to make the database show up in mysql?
_syphilis_i think so, but i don't use myisam much
specialunderwearait let's try ^^
_syphilis_it's not a very clever engine, if the files are there it'll probably accept it
tdd1984hey guys how do I change my mysql password, username, or at least add one, so I can connect to it through my php scripts?
_syphilis_tdd: http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.0/en/user-account-management.html
tdd1984nice I'm there, I guess I can do the same stuff with windows under the cmd as what I can linux, but linux is still more in that direction, or in that way I don't know.
What about ssh, and all that for windows?
tcom_syphilis_ : thanks for that code. how would I only display the total?
tdd1984hehe putty
you guys use putty much
_syphilis_tcom: i don't think you can do that with ROLLUP (http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.0/en/group-by-modifiers.html)
tcom: what exactly do you want to do? # of rows where product_id like '%beetroot%'?
just the total
tdd1984bingo :)
_syphilis_: do you use a *nix, or windows?
_syphilis_tcom: why can't you do: select count(*) from invoice_items where product_id like "%Beetroot Dip%"; ?
tcomthanks! that's it.. Read largish 'L' plate :)
_syphilis_heh, usually you would learn that before grouping and aggregates :)
tcomi'm a disjointed learner ;)
thanks again!
tdd1984Now windowws don't really have a shell does it, like linux?
I like windows, but then again I like linux.
I'd like to make windows more linux like :)
I guess its got putty, and etc
js_explorer is windows' shell
tdd1984I see
so when I access the cmd
like for example I'm installing winrar
it asked if i want to integrate it into the shell, now I could use it through the cmd, but then again cmd is just a command prompt I guess its not considere a shell
but it seems like linux gives you more access to your shell through the terminal
Auris-tdd1984, doesn't windows refer to explorer as shell?
ah, I'm copying js_.
Auris-: I know that, but its different, like linux most things can be done through the terminal.
I don't think you understand what im saying
Now I guess the windows cmd would be considered a terminal in one saying
Auris-I don't know why m$ thinks explorer is a shell.
tdd1984becuase you can control the main system, but then again lots of applications have to be ran directly out of windows.

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