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cld2on a side note, im using myphpadmin and it says "The additional features for working with linked tables have been deactivated. " and "PMA Database ... not OK . General relation features Disabled" is that ok? does that mean I cant have a relational db?
Just phpMA's display feature or something
Look it up in their docs
Eww, float
actionseekwill hugs estimates
seekwillhugs estimates
cld2seekwill: I tried reading through it but it makes little to no sense to me. thanks
seekwillcld2: Just don't worry about it :)
cld2seekwill: I stoped as soon as I read your first reply. I see what it is now thought. it lets you map your realtions in another db so myphpadmin can let you click through your scheme
wispywhats the regexp in relation to mysql to extract all data if it begins with a number?
WHERE WHERE artist_name '^\d';
gives me all entrys that end in a number
and '[0-9]' gives me all entrys with a number in them
kimseongend is $
^[0-9] start with a digit
cld2so TYPE decimal(5,5) will let me have 5 digits to the right and left of the decimal place?
wispyThanks kimseong
seekwill<total amount of numbers>,<numbers behind little pointie)
cld2seekwill: would you mind explaining that please.
seekwill: thanks also.
seekwillI thought I did
cld2ok, so the first number is how many digits total and the second is how many to the right of the decimal?
seekwillIsn't that what I said earlier?
litageis it "safe" to kill a DELETE that's in progress?
jbalintwell it wont ruin anything
cld2seekwill: I dont see it anywhere in my lastlog
litagejbalint: killing a DELETE that's in progress definitely won't corrupt any tables?
jbalintlitage: no
heh, unless theres a bug of course :p
is BDB officially deprecated?
rtanhow can i create row with order number
i have row ProjectId, ChildProjectId

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