#mysql - Wed 28 Mar 2007 between 04:57 and 05:06

f00li5hi can connect with mysql from a shell on that box, but not from mysql on another box via an ssh tunnel
kimseongf00li5h: why localhost?
f00li5hkimseong: pardon?
kimseongthe errror message got me@localhost, which means it is connecting to local mysql server
CuriosCat'me@localhost' or 'me'@'localhost' ?
f00li5hCuriosCat: the first one
kimseong: the ssh tunnel makes the remote host's port look like a port on the local host
MBzlekimseong, nothing in mind?
kimseongMBzle: don;t think there is anything else you can do
CuriosCatf00li5h: 'me@localhost' refers to a useraccount that's literally 'me@localhost'
the @ gets treated as part of the username, not as a username-hostname separator
kimseongCuriosCat: but the error always return the client host
f00li5hCuriosCat: so 'me@localhost' is really me@localhost@localhost?'
kimseongf00li5h: can you confirm the error message again
f00li5hERROR 1045: Access denied for user: 'me@localhost' (Using password: NO|YES)
CuriosCatERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user 'me'@'localhost' (using password: NO)
that's what it SHOULD look like
That's helpful.
CuriosCatyour error doesn't appear to be mentioning the connecting host at all
f00li5hX13: as in "it does not maptter"
CuriosCatthat doesn't look like a standard mysql error
what version?
f00li5hmysql Ver 12.22 Distrib 4.0.24, for pc-linux-gnu (i386)
CuriosCat: i'm not making it up
CuriosCat<shrug> Dunno. Your mysql client isn't acting the same way as mine, but I'm running 5.0.27
_syphilis_'x@y' is normal for 4.0
f00li5ham i right in assuming that the API only changes between major releases?
CuriosCatOK, then I dunno.
f00li5h: In theory :)
kimseongi had 'x'@'y' on mysql cli 4.0.27, but don;t have that (28000)
_syphilis_kim: probably depends on server rather than client..
kimseongoh, i see
CuriosCatthe (28000) is probably a 5.x thing, kimseong. (I deliberately used an invalid username to reproduce the error)
kimseongi tried on 5.0 too
CuriosCatgenerally, when you're connecting on localhost, hopefully mysqld and mysql are in sync, version-wise :)
f00li5hit seems to be 0.1 or so difference between the clients onn the 2 hosts
CuriosCatWhich is newer, client or server?
a newer client should at the very least be backwards-compatible.

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