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ZombieDoes anyone know how to select a specific string
Chaotic_Descenthow can I understand how normalization applies to my database? I can't seem to answer my own questions on how to lay things out.
I typed up this question earlier: if a figure, products containing figures, and a case assortment containing products can all be classified as being under a specific toyline, but the figure's name isn't unique, and most commonly can be differentiated by a combination of the name and toyline, do you include the toyline in the table with the figure?
This returns a null set.
_syphilis_maybe you meant '%and%'
katamiALTER TABLE Person ADD City date(yyyymmdd) is that right?
thumbsyou can specify AFTER COLUMN_NAME
i just need to know about date
if I add that column, do the dates need to be put in in the same order or what
thumbsdatetime should be sufficient
why do you need a custom date storate format, exactly?
katamiI don't really need a custom
thumbsthen datetime will suffice
katamiI just need the column to be set to a certain type
thumbsthen datetime will suffice
the_wenchProfanity is the inevitable linguistic crutch of the inarticulate blockhead
katamidatetime isn't an option
Stettinquick q.. do all inserted values have to be surrounded by single quotes, or just non-numeric values?
_syphilis_Stettin: the latter
ZombieDoes anyone know how to make SQL Count?
That is to say.
Lets say I have a Query where there are 4 Records that match the Criteria I want.
this is exactly my problem
i would like to use order by, before group by
but mysql dont let me do that
Chaotic_DescentHrm? I don't recognize the similarity.
thumbsorder always goes after group
aleffthat's my problem :)
thumbsin any SQL engine

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