#mysql - Thu 22 Mar 2007 between 00:01 and 00:09

XgcRappermas: rollback; -- if the transaction was not committed.
RappermasXgc: how do i know if a transaction was committed?
ToeBeeassuming your storage engine even supports transactions :)
XgcRappermas: If it was committed you don't have an option, beyond some type of backup recovery.
Rappermasdammit, i have to redo so much by hand now
this sux...one wrong semicolon and you're fucked
actionRappermas is going to use GUI tools from now on
Rappermasis going to use GUI tools from now on
ToeBeewell did you try rollback?
RappermasToeBee: Query OK, 0 rows affected (0.00 sec)
Rappermasok, then, is there any way where i can update ranges of records at a time
for example
update product set size='foo' where id=701-800;
Rappermashow do i specify ranges of id's
is it just like that
ToeBeewhere id >= 701 and id <= 800
so like
update product set size='foo' where id is BETWEEN 700 and 800?
ToeBeedrop the "is". and between is inclusive
ToeBeeso that is like saying greater than or equal to 700 and less than or equal to 800
Rappermasright, thanks
ToeBeeand may I suggest testing things on a test database in the future :)
XgcRappermas: rollback; always shows 0 rows affected.
RappermasToeBee: lol, i knew exactly what i was doing but my finger slipped
i was going to do a update product set size='2 x 3' where type='reg' but i hit the semicolon and enter key before i got to the where
XgcRappermas: Never make updates to a production database by hand. Always toss final / tested SQL in a file and source that file.
Rappermasso a couple of thousand records are now all the same
Xgc: it's not product yet :)
it's a development database
XgcRappermas: Any data you care about.
RappermasXgc: yes, that i agree with
Xgc[23:01] <Rappermas> dammit, i have to redo so much by hand now
[23:01] <Rappermas> this sux...one wrong semicolon and you're fucked
ToeBeehehe. done that before. Luckily this was on oracle and I could rollback :)

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