#mysql - Tue 20 Mar 2007 between 00:56 and 01:12

Chris8494PaulWay[w] - this is an intermittent problem, or constant?
SyLwow. I think I screwed up mysql... nice...
Chris8494can you try putting mysql.sock where it wants it, just for testing?
SyLI can login as root without a password, but I can't see any accounts. it complains I'm not root
PaulWay[w]The specific error I'm getting is ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/opt/mysql.sock' (2)
SyLso how would one go about just destorying the database and starting over? there's nothing really special I want in it
Chris8494SyL - on Windows, just uninstall MySQL, delete all of the files, and start over with a new install
SyLcore 6 fedora?
well, sorry, don't know that one ;-)
PaulWay[w]Fantastic - HY000 is "General driver-defined error".
Chris8494PaulWay[w] - /var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock rather than /opt/mysql/mysql.sock - just to clarify, /opt... is where it actually exists, right? or is it the other way 'round?
SyLPaulWay[w]: are you sure it's in /opt/ at all?
PaulWay[w]/opt/mysql/mysql.sock is where it exists.
SyL: Yep, definitely there.
And definitely not in /var/lib/mysql
SyLPaulWay[w]: what distro?
PaulWay[w]/etc/my.cnf has datadir=/opt/mysql/ and socket=/opt/mysql/mysql.sock
SyLPaulWay[w]: what is the mysql db file called? maybe I can just delete it?
PaulWay[w]SyL: Normally it'll be in /var/lib/mysql/*
So I'd remove the package, remove /var/lib/mysql, remove /etc/my.cnf, and reinstall the package.
SyLPaulWay[w]:: thanks...
SyLPaulWay[w]: what is your issue you are trying to figure out?
PaulWay[w]I've adjusted my configuration to point to a different directory for my data files and socket.
And now for some reason the mysql client insists on looking for the socket in a place where it doesn't exist.
And is not specified anywhere AFAICS.
SyLhow many my.* files are in your /etc/ dir?
PaulWay[w]SyL: /etc/my.cnf and /etc/my.cnf.old (which is just stripped down to the datadir and socket lines).
rolercan I copy a table entry to a duplicate table entry using a new id of course?
PaulWay[w]Create a copy of an existing table, giving it a new name, yes?
roleractually just one row
not the whole table
PaulWay[w]Yep, sure you can.
rolerhow do I do that :)
PaulWay[w]create table <newname> as select * from <oldtable> where <condition>

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