#mysql - Mon 19 Mar 2007 between 00:00 and 00:13

StuBoits just in case you don't :)
chadmaynardoh ok. I'll RTFM
StuBook chadmaynard: thansk for that, I know what you mean about the -ppassword thing
then I guess I zip and tar up my hotcopied files afterwards ?
tar -czf mydb.tar.gz mydb
you could
and the -pPASSWORD thing applies to all mysql-related binaries i can think of
mysql, mysqldump, mysqlhotcopy, etc
StuBohas it always been like that ?
Im sure last time I did a hotcopy I had it -p password
with the space
this was on mysql 4.something
its always been -pPassword
well, its working anyhow
chadmaynard!man41 mysqlhotcopy
the_wenchsee http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/4.1/en/client-utility-overview.html
StuBoso this hotcopy...
chadmaynardtheres the 3.23, 4.0, 4.1 manpage
StuBodoes it lock all tables at once, or one at a time as its copying them?
chadmaynardall of them at once IIRC
StuBoso theres no change of inconsistancy in the db
like someone editing the last table...as its going through them
chadmaynardsure. If you say so
jbalintyes, thats sensib;e
StuBois it true though? :)
chadmaynardwe don't know, but thats a good reason!
StuBoit would be a good reason to lock all tables
chadmaynardmy guess is it was easiest. hehe
StuBowould be silly to lock opne at a time....but I think it locks em one at a time
jbalintwell, without transactions, it makes the most sense
StuBohotcopy is just for myisam...so Im guessing it could lock em one table at a time
jbalintcould, but as you said.....

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