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craigbass1976I'm having trouble with a query. query and error are here: http://rafb.net/p/lgkQ0A63.html
ray|awaycraigbass1976: GROUP BY batches.sell
aoirthoircraigbass1976: you cant mix group fields
brutuzwould there be a difference in speed if you do "between" and "Comparison1 and Comparison2"
craigbass1976aoirthoir, what do you mean? What is mixing group fields?
aoirthoircraigbass1976: your max(batches.sell) is a group field
max gets the highest value from the batches.sell field
so its a group field..
so for instance iuf you have five records..with fields row, and age
fields name and age
craigbass1976so how would I return the record with the highest price in this query?
aoirthoirjohn, 20, bob, 50, scott, 30...
you do a group by
craigbass1976aoirthoir, Like this? http://rafb.net/p/Hh2tu785.html
aoirthoircraigbass1976: give me a sec
ok here is the thing craig...
see if that works
craigbass1976I get a "can't group on mytotal"
aoirthoirsorry bra
maybe tomorrow morning when i am more awake i can help you better
craigbass1976Another problem, the results I get after getting the whole batches thing out of there are screwy. I'm getting a bunch of items, but they all have the same id, when in fact they don't... hmmm
YangYinhello everyone... i am a little new to this database... i just created a database on my web hosting server and i was wondering if there was a default password
not password but login
aoirthoiryou have to check with your web hosting service
cause they charge 75$/hr for database questions
Agrajag-g'day. my replication slave has stopped, the error is "Error 'Column 'award_id' cannot be null' on query. Default database: 'workbuddy_core'. Query: 'insert into award_level_group (award_id, award_group_name, award_group_code, parent_award_group_id) values(@award_id , "Personal Training 3 visits 1 on 1", "PT3-1/1", @casual)'". this query didn't fail on the master
is this because of the use of @variables? is there any way around this?
i had a look at the script that the person used who ran the query. they first had a select which did "select @award_id := ..." then they did the insert statement. im guessing because the select doesn't happen in the binlog, the @award_id variable never got set, hence the error on the slave
there's got to be a way around this?
StuBoRepair with keycache
is tha the bugger that takes days on a large table ?
myisam of course
vice-versaStuBo: yup
[domon]i have never used the commandline for mysql administration - what is the command to create a user "user" with password "password"
capuchini am experiencing mysqld dying unexpectedly and see this in syslog "VM: killing process mysqld" ... any pointers?
vice-versa[domon]: help create user or help grant
StuBovice-versa: if I kill my process thats doing my alter table, the one thats doing the 'Repair with Keycache'

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