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Dtu3ZOhtlnsince i'm using php, i just found mysql_num_rows...made my worries go away :)
Aleksey2or you can just use count($query)
(After you assign the MySQL query to $variable)
chadmaynardcount the query?
hopefully there is one. Thats all PHP will handle at a time
$_db_result = mysql_query("SELECT foobar FROM `table`");
$_db_total_rows = count($_db_result);
Dtu3ZOhtlndoes that work? i was under the impression that a mysql resource object (what is returned from a mysql_query) had to be manipulated or queried with the mysql_* functions
in any case, mysql_num_rows does about the same, so i'm happy :)
Aleksey2$_db_result becomes an Array of returned data
If you want to count rows in performed query that would do the trick
Yup :)
aroonido you folks distinguish between errors and notices that you put into the flash?
opops wrong channel
chadmaynardAleksey2: note the difference. Try not to give false advice. ( http://hashmysql.org/paste/viewentry.php?id=6832 )
nyc-h0sthi all, what in the world does MySQL return if there are no matching rows, i'm doing an IFNULL(column, '0') FROM table WHERE column LIKE ...
Aleksey2Perhabs it's different for MySQL, I use it under Oracle env all the time
nyc-h0staleksey u talking about my case?
Aleksey2nyc-h0st, no rows?
nyc-h0stmy query returns no rows
ok let me backtrack a bit
i'm doing this trough php
so i need to know if nothing came back
chadmaynardmysql_rum_rows($resource) == 0
nyc-h0stthats what i needed
Aleksey2chadmaynard what about if (empty($resource)) {}
firefly2442How big is int(11) ?
it's 4 bytes
and can hold from 0 to 4294967295 (unsigned)
or 2147483648 to 2147483647 signed
chadmaynardfirefly: or 5 bytes whether or not its null
SilentSounDor -2147483648 to 2147483647 signed
firefly2442SilentSound: thank you! :)
SilentSounDno problem

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