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nicominoShaba1: Dont even mentioned on the book
Shaba1: thanks anyway
Anyone is familiar with SSH tunneling MySQl
dr1v3rguys i have installed mysql but when i try to start it it does not start. There is no errors on screen and no errors in the mysql.log.
when i type mysql i get this error Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock'
i know its because it is not running, how can i fix this?
Xgcdr1v3r: The startup error will tell you.
nicominoXgc: Familiar with SSH Tunneling?
Xgcnicomino: If you redirect the proper ports it should just work.
dr1v3rthere is no startup error
Xgc ^
when i type /etc/init.d/mysql start it just goes straight back to the prompt as if it has started. But it did not start and gave no errors
Xgcdr1v3r: You probably won't see the error that way.
dr1v3rhow will i see what error its giving?
even the mysql.err does not show anything
Xgcdr1v3r: Try starting mysqld or mysqld_safe directly.
dr1v3ri cant find mysqld when i do locate
nicominoXgc: Redirect them right, checked with Telnet. ut it gives me the error 2013 - lost connection to mysql server during query, which in the forums I have read that is the same as it couldnt connect
dr1v3rso its missing that then, hmmm wonder why that has not installed
nicominoXgc: My school doe not allow direct connections to the mysql server, so need to connect to a another server and run it thru mysql command
Xgc: But using Navicat, it has a feature to use SSH Tunneling and it works like a charm
dr1v3rXgc i have everything installed but i still get this issue, Any ideas?
.j ubuntu
Xgcdr1v3r: Fix your PATH.
nicominoXgc: Some people suggested changing /etc/ssh/sshd_config I changed:
AllowTcpForwarding no
AllowTcpForwarding yes
zeeeeehi all, how does a rdbms typically maintain its on-disk data in sorted order? (what disk data structure does it use?) i wasn't successful at googling on this. (the data must be sorted on disk for 'clustered indexes' to exist/make sense, right?)
dr1v3ri am using debian so its done via apt. But when i do locate mysqld it doe snot find anything
nicominoXgc: What would be the windows equivalent
XsSoSELECT b.ip m.message_id, m.user_name, m.message, m.date_format(m.post_time, '%h:%i') as m.post_time FROM message AS m, ipban AS b; ... what's wrong here?
_RainMkr_what is m.date_format?
XsSookay fixed
f_ryshow table status; 302 rows in set (2 min 9.12 sec)

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