#mysql - Fri 23 Feb 2007 between 01:11 and 01:24

seekwill_RainMkr_: I LIKE IT R U GOING TO UC?
guevoltjbalint: yep..
seekwill_RainMkr_: Did you hear I got a job workin with mhillyer?
look: mysql is down
guevoltjbalint: im using a object generated by the www.phpobjectgenerator.com
_RainMkr_seekwill: No, UC.
jbalintguevolt: Ok....
guevoltjbalint: do you know ?
seekwill_RainMkr_: Aw that sucks
jbalintguevolt: nope. dont use php
_RainMkr_seekwill: No, what's he/you doing?
guevoltjbalint: right...
seekwill_RainMkr_: I'm a support engineer for MessageSystems/OmniIT
Well, going to be. Start in a week
guevoltjbalint: Are you programmer ?
jbalintguevolt: yes
guevoltjbalint: Which language?
craigbass1976jbalint, and seekwill, ok. It was not a problem with mysql at all (I suspected as much but couldn't track down the issue until the qty,buy suggestion) but the fact that I though 5 of something were put into the inventory at 12.78, and there was only 1.
jbalintstill doesnt make sense :p
craigbass1976I just finished a FIFO inventory system with openoffice, bash, and mysql. :)
jbalinthow are you connecting w/OO?
craigbass1976openinvoice on sourceforge. I haven't uploaded any files yet. A guy wrote me some macros that read from a ods invoice and make the relevant data into a text file.
jbalintoh, so OO doesnt connect to mysql in your app?
craigbass1976I run the same macro when a vendor drops stuff off and that is where I was stuck tonight.
no. I wanted seperate pieces, since he had already designed an invoicing spreadsheet setup for me.
I wanted to use it as a front end.
jbalintso what do you do, run queries with a shell script and import them?
import the results?
craigbass1976sheel scripts read the tesxt files, update the inventory, blah blah, give out credits for returns, and do pretty mch the same thing for vendors when they bring stuff in.
I can't believe I'm done... It's been a month and I learned a lot. I finally understand joins for the most part.
actionseekwill sheels jbalint
seekwillsheels jbalint
craigbass1976I jsut have to write up a couple for odd situations that might occur. Check it out though in a couple weeks on sourceforge.
Thanks a bunch guys, you've saved my bacon. I'm going to bed.

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