#math - Tue 8 May 2007 between 01:07 and 01:13

ErthrobicI like Chuck Norris.
BHSPitMonkeyAs X approaches infinity, Pi^(ChuckNorris) approaches divinity
jbj^I am Chuck Norris.
Steve|OfficeNext person to say Chuck Norris gets banned.
OlatheBHSPitMonkey: Heheh
TRWBWOlathe: i don't know what ChuckNorris over Pi is, but 9 months later, Pi gives birth to twin primes
ErthrobicI annoy my math and science classes with relentless Chuck Norris jokes that I make up. :D
SafroleUt oh.. TRWBW gets banned
and so does Erthrobic
BHSPitMonkeybut not Erthrobic
bugglerlol TRWBW
BHSPitMonkeybecause wasn't the next person
Steve|Office(Dammit, TRWBW.)
BHSPitMonkeySafrole, mind your logic
jbj^TRWBW is an AI I made
OlatheTRWBW: :)
TRWBWSteve|Office: np boss, just missed it while i was typing. yes massah
Eyes be a good boy massa
jbj^what is a derivitive
Safroleas long as yous promises to make sures I gets fed
bugglerhas anyone proved zeta(3)/pi^3 is irrational?
Olathejbj^: Something that tells you how fast a function is changing.
jbj^that seems pretty irrational to me
Olathejbj^: Usually.
jbj^: Unless the function is linear.
Steve|OfficeThat's still a measure of how fast it is changing.
ErthrobicChuck Norris can use RPL.
jbj^how about intervals
TRWBWjbj^: can be hard to be sure, sqrt(2)^sqrt(2)^sqrt(2) is rational after all
OlatheYes, but if the function is linear, the derivative can be usually rational ;)
jbj^: What do you mean ?
jbj^hey sqrt(2)^2 is like 2
TRWBWOlathe: fair enough, but vice-versa, d/dx ln(x) etc.
Olathejbj^: Yes.
TRWBWOlathe: not sure what we are debating, so not sure if i'm agreeing or disagreeing
jbj^cool I know math

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