#math - Wed 2 May 2007 between 00:00 and 00:07

TRWBWsax_: no, i prayed and the answer came to me in a deep resonant voice
thermoplyaeThat's how I do my math homework
sax_O_o thweet
OlatheI just pray to mbot.
mbot is merciful.
diseaserhallowed be thy name
sax_praise mbot
OlatheNot quite all-knowing, though :(
oneilI usually pm Olate, and the answers start pouring
sax_% solve [Women]
mbotsax_: solve[Women]
sax_nope. not all knowing
oneilNo, no, he just doesn't want you near women
Kasadkadsax_: you just don't know the syntax for women
Olathe% Women::usage
mbotOlathe: Women::usage
sax_I knowz ur momz syntax!!!!11111 -/just kidding
KasadkadStephen Wolfram keeps that part of the manual on a tiny computer chip he had implanted next to his heart
TRWBWsax_: woman=time*money. time=money. woman=money^2. money=sqrt(evil)
sax_How DO you factor sin^2(x)+sin(x)? I'm having a total brain failure
TRWBWsax_: um, start by diving by sin(x)
sax_but then you get bleh
TRWBWsax_: write out that bleh
sax_sin(x)+1=0. Heh. Correct.
oneilthen sin(x) = -1, if I recall your initial question correctly - and sin
TRWBWsax_: or sin(x)=0
sax_which is x=2pi+2npi -general. Yay
oneilI got it right the first time.. but God knows why I changed it the last moment.. that's it, I'm going home.
sax_yes. thanks guys
actionsax_ settles back into homework
sax_settles back into homework
Kasadkadsax_: you mean (2n+1)pi/2?
TRWBWsax_: um, no, it's x=n*pi or x=pi/2+n*2pi. but thanks for playing.
sax_: um, no, it's x=n*pi or x=-pi/2+n*2pi. but thanks for playing. hehe, hehe.
TRWBWsax_: what are the solutions to sin(x)=0?

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