#math - Fri 18 May 2007 between 05:50 and 06:04

I'm checking how many numbers can mbot accept
% 18446744073709551615+1
mbotwebito: 18446744073709551616
zaphyBeebleye! mbot is back!
TRWBWwebito: well maybe take it to /msg
newbie22i have a question i know how to solve kronecker product of two matrices A kron B but what if i want the kron of three matrices A kron B kron C does that make sense? can i take the kronecker of a and b then take the kroneker product of that?
TRWBWnewbie22: yeah, it's associative
newbie22TRWBW ah great thanks
anyone here familiar with Mathematica?
|Steve|No, not a single person out of 243 in a math channel has ever used Mathematica.
ok then
TRWBWktne: some people are, but most won't talk about it in #math, it's not appropriate.
ktnewell where can i ask a question? :
|Steve|It's not like we have a bot in channel that uses mathematica.
TRWBWktne: is your issue programming or actual mathematics, proofs, truth, etc.?
ktnei have a 2d probability distribution map (the sum of all map cells is 1.0), i need to get a random point within the map
TRWBWktne: okay, pick a number 0..1 uniformly, then go cell by cell until the sum exceeds your random number. that's the one you want.
ktnehmm, isn't that slow?
isn't there some builtin function?
TRWBWktne: that's just not #math, but that's my opinion
ktneok, is there a place where i can ask this?
TRWBWapparently not many people want to spend their time answering programming questions. can't blame them, neither do i. here's a hint, binary search.
zaphyBeebleshould have a channel called #logic :)
|Steve|There is ##logic.
zaphyBeebleoh how come it didnt show up in my list
|Steve|ski is one of the ops.
zaphyBeeblecool! thanks steve!
|Steve|As is xerox.
TRWBW: As I recall, you said you had little to no interest in point lattices, is that correct?
(My memory has been known to be faulty.)
TRWBW|Steve|: i ate lunch in a basic seminar once, it covered minkowski theorem, that's all i remember
|Steve|Ah. lambda_1(L) <= sqrt(n)*det(L)^(1/n).

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