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dfrankeand there was much dejoicing.
|Steve|Efnet is really great.
HiLanderTRWBW: i'll talk to the guy who actually runs the wiki and see if he can set up a solution-submission page, if that's something you'd be interested in.
|Steve|Who does run it?
dioidTRWBW: I'm sure there is no problem getting your solution posted (assuming it's correct) and credited to you, just type it up and ask in channel, put it on mathbin.net or something
dioidthe reason for not allowing anyone to edit is to avoid vandalism
HiLander(we on efnet's #math have a *lot* of friends)
TRWBWHiLander: well i just did yesterdays, actually if there is a choice, maybe use one of the forum templates so people can discuss the problems. but maybe that's asking too much.
HiLander: think "most elegant" proof would be more fun than "first correct proof" submitted
HiLanderusually we try to mention which one looks nicest
TRWBWHiLander: or, all the different ways to solve it, for example
HiLanderand you'll notice that when we do get multiple solutions, we try to post them
what often happens is we only get one solution for some of them
and that's the one that gets thrown up
TRWBWwell i typed it out last night, is their a log of #math or do i gotta retype it?
|Steve|I've got it.
|Steve|It contains both you gave.
No problem.
(I wasn't lying when I said I don't keep logs of irc, I just happened to not have closed xchat in a while.
Looks like it doesn't have an unlimited buffer though, bah.)
Oh, I only keep 10000 lines of chat.
theoros|Steve|: i keep 3,000 and i never ever (read: only sometimes) go back to read some of the buffer
|Steve|I often do from when I'm at work.
Well, mostly between work and home.
ihope_I don't know how many my client keeps. This is the earliest thing I can see: <Olathe> lazaba is derived from Greco-Hrgabaic, so the proper pluralization is lazabaicky.
Oh, I'll play around with infinity. inf + inf is indeterminate, inf - inf is indeterminate, inf + x = inf, inf * inf is indeterminate, inf / inf is indeterminate, inf * x is inf unless x is 0 in which case it's 0.
-inf is inf, and 1/inf is 0.
Not a field indeed, but it looks nice.
HiLanderinf + inf is inf
ihope_HiLander: I'm talking about unsigned infinities here.
Signed infinites are fun as well.
ihope_With signed infinities: inf + inf is inf; inf - inf is indeterminate; -inf - inf is -inf; x + inf is inf; x - inf is -inf; inf * inf is inf; inf * x is inf if x is positive, 0 if x is 0, -inf if x is negative; -(-inf) is inf; 1/inf is 0; and 1/-inf is 0.
Safroleihope: How does one show that inf + inf is inf?
ihope_Safrole: x + y as x and y are both approaching infinity somehow?

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