#math - Sat 21 Apr 2007 between 02:02 and 00:43

DacicusI would have taken the algebra class if it would have fit my schedule.
TRWBWDacicus: no idea what to say. none of the math classes i took in college were required for my major, i just took them for fun.
DacicusThat's why I'm doing a math minor, for fun.
TRWBWDacicus: well, algebra is probably more fun. not analysis isn't bad, it's just got a bigger startup cost.
DacicusThe analysis and algebra classes were the only ones of the required 4 that sounded interesting to me, so I went with analysis since I couldn't take algebra. I might be able to take the algebra one later, though, as I have some extra units open during the final semester.
TRWBWDacicus: how about blowing some of your major requirments and getting and extra 5th year for the math?
DacicusWhat do you mean?
DacicusNo, seriously, I didn't understand what you meant.
TRWBWDacicus: if you like math, take math courses.
DacicusOh, I am. Like I said, I'm doing a math minor. I have to take math every remaining semester to get the requirements for that.
jadenbaneHey Kadri, are you from London, Ontario?
TRWBWKadri: i advice you not to answer that
jadenbaneFair enough, there are a lot of people listening.
KadriTRWBW: why not?
jadenbane: yes I am from there
jadenbaneKadri: I'm from that neck of the woods myself. Cherryhill, by Oxford West.
Kadriyou're not in our math dept, are you?
jadenbaneI just saw your ISP when you logged on, looked like you're in London. I don't Kadri is throwing out any information the most newbly of sleuths couldn't find.
Kadri: Naa, I'm at Trent in Peterborough right now. (Though I'll probably do some transfer credits at UWO.)
Kadrioh ok
TRWBWKadri: i'm only a fan of northern ontario, wild land
jadenbaneUWO grossed me out :P
Aligorithhi, does anyone know of any links to resources describing how to simplify a cubic bezier spline (i.e. points a, b, c ----> a, c)?
TRWBWAligorith: simplify how?
Aligorithbezier splines ab and bc to ac (with 'handles'/intermediate points set correctly) so that that curve is basically still the same
Caleihope: since the afternoon when we had someone spam the channel with profanity
ailndxyo Cale
f'' = second derivative, is f''' third?
fugaroWhat is VGA quality like with a big-screen, high-resolution LCD?
ihopeDarnit, mbot doesn't like f(f(x)) in a differential equation.
fugaroI'm referring to a 20" at 1600x1200.
TRWBWihope: i don't have a clue about mathematica, but maybe two variables, y=f(x), w=f(y)?
ihope: um, 3 variables
ihopeNot a bad idea.
TRWBWihope: that's f'''(x)+f(x), gonna be e^(2pi*i/3*x*k), k=0,1,or2
ihope% DSolve[f'''[x] == -f[x], f[x], x]
TRWBWihope: oops, or 3

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